Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

o6 The desritfrslnefe of ,vlan heart. buckets of water and flied rivers of teares:even this r also to bee u derftood by their hearing the Word with joy,becaufe they rejoyce even in this grief, ra- fting of the fweetnes of the word, & finding a com- fortable relifh therein. There men we fee goe very farre,fo that the Apoftle (peaks, they are in forne fort made pert4ers of the holy Ghoft, they taße of t be powers of the worldto cone, & expreire their inward grace by outward obedience, bringing forth fruit very fpeedily, farre föoner than others,as the ftony ground is more quick and forward than other Coy les. And yet for all this, there alfo being rotten at the heart,are to be ranked in the number of felfe. deceivers, as falfely judging themfelves to be in the ftate of grace. The deceitful) argument whereby they thus judge, is this : Whofoever hath true faióh,repentance, obedience, is in the flat/ of grace. But I have there three,faith theTemporary :there- fore I am in the ftate of grace. This deceit is far more deepe and dangerous than any of the former three; for their erronr was in the groundwhereon their argument was built,not in the application thereof; as in the argument of the rich Worldling,Whofoeverbath outward profperity, is is Gods favour;But Ihave outwardpref erity.Here the . deceit is in the propofition, not in the afumption ;for he trucly 4;m/es to himfelfoutward profperity. But hispropofition is falfe,that outward profperity is an at. garment ofGods f rvour.So the civili man erres not in his application of civil] and outward righteoufneffe :o himfelfe; but in bisground, that this civilirigh- teoufnef