Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

The deceit fulnef of r vic heart. 69 of the word ingeneroll with Arent: fecondly,appli- IPar is which are, cation of the promifes in fpeci li to ones felf. Both there the temporary thinks he hash, and therefore Generali alfo faith. Firft,for }'nowledge,it cannot be denyed knowledge ; but he may have an excellent meafure thereof, in- which is air - fornuch as he may not only apprehend all thepoints covered to be deceitful], be- of Religion himfelfe, and be able to talke of them caufe neither, but alto teach them unto others, as lidos did, and many others , whole plea fhall bee at the laft day , Lord have sre not tanght in thy name? And in the pa- Math. 7. rabic, the Lamps of the foolla virgins blaze as much as the wife ones. Yet for all this there are deceits in this knowledge, whereby it is differenced from the knowledge of true Faith. Firft, the knowledge of the Temporary is not fo I. Grounded. well grounded either upon the teftimony ofthescrip- turc.r,or upon experience,as is the knowledge of the true beleever. To which may that feem to apper- raine which is laid in the Gofpell, that they have no root,their knowledge is not a rootedand well retied knowledge : for neither have they that care which the true beleevers have,to build themfelves on the fure authorities of the Scriptures neither yet at all do they nouriíh their knowledge with an holy pra- &ife, that Co they might have a praelicall, a feeling, and experinnentall knowledge; wherein indeed the knowledge of faith,excelleth the knowledge even of the Divell himfelfe : for though he excel! us, as in all other knowledge, fo alfo in divine, yet bee knowes not the chiefe points thereof, fuch as are Faith,repentance,love,the prefence ofthe spirit,what they bee, by his own experience, as doth the mea- F 3 neft