Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

72 The deceitfu' lnefe of mans hFarre offer meing; they falute,l, kited, or embraced the pro. ',fifes. So that true Faith, kithug Chri9, is kilted of him, embracing Chrißis re- embraced of him, and it Phil. 3.'Z. fie apprehendsChrifl,thatat the fame timethe belee- ver is apprehended ofChrifi, as Paul fheweth in his owne example. Now thofe whom Chrift hath once gripd with his hand, predeflinating them to eternal. falvation: filch no power can ever wring out of his [ahn to. hands. No man can tad e zny fieep out of my hands. Tohn 5. 2.4= Whence that, He that beleeveth,hath eternallli e,and tohn 6. 3s 38. pall never come into condemnation. And again ,.He that commeth to to e,I call not arrety. For I cause down. not to do Mine own will,but ruy Fathers.and this is his zvill,that of all he hath given me, ifhould lofe nothing, butJhoteldraife it spat the lafi day.lfany fay,though Chrifi caft them not away that beleeve, yet they may caft away themfelves : I anfwer, neither can that bee : for in the nine and thirtieth verfe he faith, that he fhall lofe nothing that is given him. But if the beleever might caft himfelfe away, aryl then fhould lofe fomething given him. As the prodigall child, though of himfelfe hee left his Father, yet Luke IS'. is called the lofichild. Chrifr then cannot fo lofe any true beleever, but that he fhall raite him up at the laft day to eternall life. But temporary belee- Aâs 1, vers as wee fee in Issdas, mayfcally fall away from Chrifi,and go to their own place: ergo,they were no true beleevers, they apprehended only a!tLid/that could not hold them, and not drift, whofe hand o is a fore hold fafi,never letting go that which once it hath feized on.The true beleever is rootedin faith !. but of the temporary Chrifi faith ;He hash no rooting and Ephe( 1. Match. x3.