Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

TO THE RIGHT H-O OVRABLE A MOST VERTVOVS LADY, the Lady L u c Yt Couute [ë ofBED1O it. D. Right Honourable, T was an ancient conflitution in Iliac), that a Brother dying without iflìte, the next brother fhould doe.the office of a Kinfman,' and raife up feed to his bro- therdeceafed,to continue his'name,:hat it might not be put out of lfrael. The Lord having not long fnce taken out of his Vineyard a faithfull labourer, and from my felfe a loving and dear Brother,I thought that in Tome manner the equity ofthisconflitution,now antiquated and abolifhed, did lay hold upon me. And that being the next brother , I was to doe the office ofa brother, to continue, and eter- nize his bleffed memoriall in Gods Church, by bringing to light this prefent Treadle. Flee himfelfe, while(+ hee Ii m ved,wrote it, and had perfec`ìed it before his death : I have but onely railed it out of his private fludy to the publike ufe ofGods Church. Thechildren,faíd E zekiah, are come I a to the birth , and there is no ßrength to bring forth. 'i'h us it fared with this Author. Hee had finifhed and perfeded this work, and brought it even to the birth, but there was no time tobring it forth.God preventing hi,- eakt A 3 P 7 ?.