Dyke - BV4625 D943 1642

THE EPISTLE de&th, bringing him to the end ofhis faith, (his tranflati. on into the Heavens) before he came to bring thiswork to the end of his delire, ( the publication thereof to the bene- fit of Gods Church:) I thought it great pitty,that fo hope- ¡ full an iífue ( hould periíh for want of a little help in the birth. And I thought with all in cafe of my negligence, or Deut. zs. g. refufall of this brotherly office, how jufily I might have de- frued the ignominious ceremony of the fpitt le in niy face. zac`'arias cum Hereupon I willingly performed this taske, ofperufing and !n:7rsl non feta- Ilettingforth ofthis Treatife. Zachary when he could not fpeak, he wrote : So 1 defired that his pen might make tome a fit . I of the want of his tongue; that as .Abel 6 his faith fo Hcb.o.4. PP Y he by his works, being deadmight yet [jeak. y Thus in briefe hath your Ladifhip, the reafon of my pre - lent endevours. For me to fay any thing in commendation of this work, is not happily fo fitting :It being both hard for one brother to commend another without boafling, and the younger and inferiour his commendation adding littlecredit or grace Heb; ,7. to the work of his elder and fuperiour. For, as the leffe is bleffed, fo all() prayfed of the greater: I meane therefore herein to bee fearing. Ouely this; I will but as the wid- dowes, which Chewed Peter the coates and garments which Dorcas made, while fhewas with them. So onely will I Phew, and fa forth force part of his labours which bee per- formed whilefi hee was with us : e./Ind let his own works Pro. 3z, 3r; praife him inthe gate. And furely this work will doe it , if either Matter, or Manner, Argument or Art will doe ir. Thematter and argument ofit, is fuch as yet handled at Ei-ttbri titubrs large by none before him that I know of. e(i ingenrás cu And betides it is excellent by reafon ofthedaily tale which biaam :Met -- occurres in racife. So that of the title and argument of bræ ad legen- p uumfcráprus; this Book may I fay, as Gellins fpeakes ofa good title quippe de pro. which Mehfns had given to a book of leis own which práerate laguen it Teemed fcarce deferved it : That the very Title hada great dá.Aul del. N..09- A.rir alluring and enti to force to draw men to the reading of the Argument of this work, of fuch fpeciall ufe