Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The Overthrow of t -141 Enémy. And then,tabour for Cbarity,to inflame thee to himagain,that hath (hewed him- felf fo truly loving tomen,as to fcekthem whenthey were loft,to redeem them when they were Captives, and to reflore them from that unhappinefs, that they had cart them(elves into. Oh that I could love thee, and thy people for thy fake, thou diddefi die for thtm, (hall not I beat a little colt and pains to help them out of mifery. Thus if ye labour to be furni(hed with there graces, thenYou are armed again(' Death ; thole will do you more good,than if you had gottenmillions ofmillions of old and ill ver. As you have underflanding for the outward man, as you have care o provide for chat,to preferve and comfort life,while you are here, fo have a care for ehe future world,and that boundlefs continuance of Eternity. Ifa man live miferable ',ere, death will end it, if he be prepared for death,he Ihal1 live happily for ever ; but L a man live happily ( as we account it ) and die miferably,that mifery is endlefs. Ye rnifiake ( beloved ) ye account men happy that abound in wealth and honour, that nave great Mates, I fay ye, miftake in accounting men happy, that enjoy the good things of this life, that can live in profperity to the la(i timeof their age, poffetlìng what they have gotten. If fucha manbe not prepared for death; Deathmakes way for a greater unhappinefs after death. For the more fin he bath committed, the more mífery lhall betide him, his life being nothing but a continued chain ofwickednefs one link uponanother, till he fettle upon a preparation for death. And in the loll place, here is a great deal of comfort, to thole that have laboured to prepare for death : though to themDeath itan Enemy,yet2t is anEnemy that isutter- ly dejiroyed. The Philofopher faid,that Death ie theterriblef! of allterrible things; Io it is to nature, becaufe itt Both that that no other evil can do, itfeparatech from all corufort,and carrieth us we know not whether. Death is terrible toa man that isunarmed for death; but to the poor Saints that have bellowed their time in Humiliation, and Supplication, and Confeflion, that have daily endeavoured to renew their Faith, and Hope, and Repentance, Death bath no manner of terriblenefs in the world: If it be terrible to a Chriftian at the fief+, it is onlybecaufe hehath forgot himfelfa little, hedoth not bethink howhe is armed. If God havefitted his fervants for death,he bath done mofi for them :If they have not riches, yet they are fit for death: If they have not an e(lare amongft men, it mat- tereth ncc a whit if they be fit for death, if they be miferable here, in torments and ficknefs, when others have health,it is no ,natter, all thefe increafe their Repentance, makes them labour for Faith,and Hope, and Charity, whereby they arearmedagain(l death. Nothing can fave us from the hurt of Death, but the Lord Jefus Chri(l, put on by Faith, and that furni(hedwith Hope and Charity. If God give a man other thingsand not chele graces, Death is not deflroyed tohim. But ifhe deny him other :hinge, and give him thefe graces, hedoth enough for him, Death fe dejfroyed to His body indeed falleth under the (+yokeof Death asother mens, but his Soul s not hurt. Death layech him a rotting as the common fort, but the Soul goeth to, he po(fe (flanof glory,and rem ineehvyith Chrifl ; When be is abfent fromthe body he ie prerent with the Lord. Nay,when the la(+ day (hall come, Death shall be utterly (wallowed rep, then the poor, and frail, and weak body, thatfleepeth in Corruption Ind Mortality, (ball be railed in honour, and in immortal beauty and glory, a biei:ual body ,free from allcorporal weakneffesthat accompany the natural body ; it hall be made moil gloriousand blared, even as if it were a fpirit, all the weakneffes hat accompany the natural being of the body (hall be taken away,and it (hall enjoy ismuch perfe&ion as a body can,and therefore it is called fpirituaI : Therefore Ibe- ;eech you rejoyce in theLord if your Souls tell you, that you ere armed againft this Death. vfe. a. For comfort. "L F1E