Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Aighteour enV.lanr 9ain. Cafar,chac is the Princesof the world than becut off, theirHate and pompe than nor keep them : Ihen Cre/futthat is the rich men of theworld, (hail die,their purle and plenty,(hall not excufe them: Then Sacraria ; that is,the prudent and learned men of the world,their wifdom (hall not prevent it : Then Helena; that is,the Minntops of the world; the decking of their bodies; and their beauty, and painting (hall he fetched off,they willexpofe them to death; they (hill not fleethem : ThenSampfon ; that is, the Ìlrong men of the world; thofe that are healthy, of able parts, likely to out-live nature, their.ftrength (hall not txcufe them ; that no men (hould glory in any thingwithout, Neither the [Iraqman in kw flrengtb, nor the wife man in his wifdom, er therich man inhie wealth, bat if beglory in any thing, toglare in the Lord. Though we mutt not boatsour' felvesof piety, yet as the Apoltie faith, Tea have compelled *et If a man may boaft of any thing, it is of piety ; that is, rejovce in this. if God have made a man veffel of mercy,and an initititnent of do- ingany good ; but otherwife co boatt of it, even that (lull be theRain, and further difgraceofit : For Righteoafneft it felf extetfetb not from death ; all are futjo5k to the fame Law,that is the firtt Oofervatiorr; Merciful men are taken away as well as others. Secondly,there is adifference in themanner,thougli theybe futjeél to deachi yet it is a fuhjeetion underanother fubje&ion : Death is made fubjedt to them,they conquer death. So both !land together,thrydie,and not die,becaufe their death is buta tractf, lation, but a removing. There are two perfons,twomen in every penitent and godly man ; there is fome. what of a righteous man,and fomewhat of a finner ; fomewhat of theflelh,and Cow. what of the fpirit: So according to thofe two, both laws art kept; the lawof Com- mination, that is kept, Thou Malt die the death ; there is the reward of fin ; the law of promife, that is kept, Then !halt live for ever; there is thereward of righteouf. nefs. Mortality givcth the reward to fin, Immortality to piety. Though they die, They are bur taken away. The Word implies thofe two things : Ftrff, it implies that their death is but a temporary death. Taking away is not a final tranflation, it Both not imply a nullity. Death, though it cut the knot of Na- ture, yet notgrace. It is true,ehere is the (harp Axeof death,there is noknot fo Gordi- an, but it will cut it afunder. It is a great knot that was firiknit between the body and the foul, it =tech that afunder. It is a fore knot, which is theConjugal knótbo tween man and wife, it cutteth that afunder. There is a natural bond andunion be- twetn parents and children,it cuts that afunder. There isa civil union between friend and friend, it cuts that knot afunder, it takes one friend from another. Bat there is, themaftical union between the Head and the Members,. between Chrift arad the Church,itcannot cut thatknot afunder. But look as Chrifts bo ly in the grave, it was not deprivedof theHypoftaticalunion, folikewife the body ofaSaint, when it lies in thegrave, in corruption, is is mellowing for Immoeealicy,and Eternity; yea, then it cnjoyeth the benefit of the myfrical union,there is fomewha: of a Member of Chrift chrr lies in the grave : That dull that the body ofa Saint is refolved into, it is holy Pnfl,becaufe that my(lical union is notcut afunder ; Death cuteeth not that knot. It 32rfe tech the mythical union in refpeótof the Soul, and it is but an interruption of ;he manifeflation of the union in refpeót of the body,it is never fevered. As the Hus- andman bath fome Corn in his ground, and fome in his Barn : The Cot n in his ;round is of no lefs value and aceount,then that in his Houle and Barn ; nay,it is of noee,for that that is in his Byrn (hall not multiply,fo many bu(helshe putteth op,and fo many he receivech, but that which is in the groundmultiplies, therefore it is in as great account. Soic is with God : There are many bodies of the Saints walking on the earth ; and thofe that are laid in the grave, that are!Owen( so the Apoftle faith ) or Immortality. The bodies of the Saints in thegrave, are of no lela account with Bod,theri thofe which walk up and down in theworld,and glorifie him with works of piety: Why? The body is town to immortality, there is Hill fomewhat of Chrift. That is the firtt thing it implies ; They aretaken away, it argues, thattheir deaebie temporary. O Secondly,