Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

fthtéour .14ans Cain. 103 movement of Chriflianity is the cxercife of confideration. That excitetha man to Repentance, 'David layes it as a ground, I confrdered my roles. and turned mj feet to thy 7ellimonies. A man never repenteth that cot 6dereth not his wayes. the want of confideration keepeth a man freezing, and felling on the dregs of íin. I c is afrùit of lin,of the firfi fin : Incogitaney bringeth fecurity, that rocks reafon A frais of fin ,peep ; ;henpalfionbath herfcope,ivhen reafongoverned) nor. It isthetrue punitlh. men or the frli fin, and the fiuitof ir, becaufe reafon is deeaied in man by tin, rea. Con ,.tias then unreAified, reafongrew irregular:' Nay, it is thecaute of allfin..We can refolverioparticular fin to any other princi- , A. caufeof Go, pit but this, thac men con(dernorbefore theycommit it. The reafon why men go on in ex_efs and riot,and continueindrankennefs, isnothrsgbut this, They lay it not tó heart,ehey look not forward,what will be the iffueand event,r ey confider not theac- count they are to mike to God,they thinknot that God isproviding a cupofdeadly wine, and that all mull appear before the lodgment feat of Chrifl. The reafon why mens defires of the world,and of tivint here are fo inlarged, it is the want of confide- ,acionof what is the happinefs of Heaven, of the promifes that God hathmade. There is no fin butit is refolved into this cafe. So here it is, that the Prophet cam- plaineth of the want of eonfideration,trhin Merciful men were taken away, theycon. ¡idee it not ; to fympathizgto prepare thetn(elves towhat God would do after he had rcmóved theft, thatwhen he had removed the obliacles, that then he would pour his wrath upon them. Secòndly, There is another extent of the Word ; that it, of the fubjea of the perfon. No man. It argueth the neglect to be general. A man wouldhave thought, that npon the mention of the firli word,Merciful men are taken away c theMourn- ert fhouldgo about inthefireetr ; the poor Orphans Ihould weep,becaufe they have loti a Patron: No filch matter,no confideration on nohand ; that is awonder; had the merciful manno wife ? No children? No Friend to mourn after him, when he was buried in the earth ? Was thereno well_wifhers to him, that had benefit by his piety tomourn for the rigbteoseaman ? Was there none like to himfelf? Oncrigh- teotuman will mourn for another. What is this then, No man? If they would not regard the piety ofchegadly man or merciful,when he lived, methinks when he died there fhould be Come confideration. A Mountain as long as it (landed), men takeno great notice of its but if is fall, all eyes look upon it. The Snn when he isin his ffrength,there are few eyes that lookon it; but if it comes to an Ecclipfe, every man getteth intohis Turret. Generally men delight co look upon thole Stars, that in their opinion they think are fallen- All there the godly manis. He (Lined) as a Star here, as cheSun in his iirength after, he is asa Mountain, as a Beacon upon a Mountain,more gldrious, The Mwntain,and the Pear falleth,theSun is in the Ecclipfe, Merciful menare triton a way, and no man confdereth it. 1 will not fay it is to be takenin the full extenc,it impliethnot a nullicy,but a pauci- ty. As in that place in the Walnut.; Thereùnone that dath goad, no not one. The Prophet d xh not imply,that therewas not one godly man atall,but fo few that they could hardly be numbred ; a great paucity. So here, Noman conJidereth; that is chofe that con1àered, were fo very few, that there was hardly notice taken of them, :hey were hardly in thecompafsof a Number. Nay,it is twice noted,No man,no mun,to (hew it was almofi a nullity ; there is not any, not any ; that is, they were exceeding few. What is the reafon? Beeaule they were not acquainted with the rule, and way of piety, therefore they mourned nor. ifpiety were within, it Would fympathize with- out, as there is like rejoycing, fo they would forrow together. We are not to think, but they had natural afre&ion, though is were almoli cut off : It is likely if any of their kin were took away, they would mourn : If a Fa- ther or Mother were taken away, -the moli impenitent man would have tears ; though not for fin, yet for loffes and croffes : Then there-arethofe that would cry with