Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

122 The Chriflians Center, or, him: Such is the purfuic after any thing out of God : the more a man purfueth it the more he loofeth himfelf, he is driven fo many paces from Heaven, fo many degrees from his own happinefs. Tnis is the folly and madnefs of the world, whereby Sathan deluded men, leading them after vain (hews of Earthly Delights, in Carnal Security, flattering themfelves in the purfuit of the world, dreaming of Happincfs and Comfort, and in the conclufion imbrace nothing but a shadow and emptiness. ['his I fay is the mifery of man. Now put both together : Confider what we lofe ; chat that is truly good, that that is bleffednefs indeed : And what we get ; that that is but a (hadow, that that is emptinefs indeed. Men lofe that they feem to have : And want that they pursue after. A fecret Judgment of God, becaufe they fought not that, that they should do. Thus we fee the point opened, I hallen to the Appli- cation. vre. r. The fiat ufe is, for Convi ion ; Since there is fuch a truth as this, that no man For Convi- chat profe(feth himfelf to be in Christ, that profeffethhimftIf t0 bea Believer, should Rion, live to himfelf, that is ; do any ac`lionof his life, ayming at himfelf, as the utter« ino(i end in chose actions. It ferveth in the fir(i place to convince us, that profefs our felves to be Cbrifiians, andBelievers, to be fuch as knowChrift (though with thefe differences, fame are more weak, and Come more (bong ; ) yet I fay, it con. vinceth everyman to handguilty before theLord, that if he live to himfelf, he is none of Chrifts. This is the property of every true Chriflian, even of the weakeft,afwell as of t'ae flrongeft( for the Apoftle fpeaks of all, None of su, faithhe, whether weak or ItrongChriftians,live to asir felves ) if thou therefore live to thy felf, thouart none of chofe the Apollle (peaks to: Thou art none of thofe that live anddie to the Lord ; thou art none of thofe that arethe Lords, whether in lifeor death. Let us therefore iiifi be convinced of this, that there is fuch a finis! difpofition in the hearts of men, ;hat profefs themfelves to beChriffians, and yet live to themfelves. That is the firft thing I would convince you of at this time. Secondly, I would ¡hew you, that whatfoever this difpofition is, it argueth a foul and frnful Heart. None of us do fo ( faith the Apoftle ) ocher men that have no part in theft Priviledges and Comforts, they do fo, they live to them- fe'ves. Thirdly,we willconvince you of this life, that is is limply neceffary. That fo with- out delay,. every one that is convinced that he liveth to himfelf, may now begin to leave that courfe, to live to himfelf, and hereafter live to God. 1. Thatthere For the fira of theft. To convince us that there are many amongft us that profefs are many that our felves tobe Chrifls,and yet are thus difpofed,andhave this finful affedìion, to live to our felves. Takethis firfi in the general. If there were not fuch a difpofition in mens hearts, the Holy Ghoft would not thus have direEted the fpirit of the Apoftle,in' exprelTing this, as a note of difference between them and others, and as an argument that a firong Chriftian (hould bear with the weak, becaufe they donot live to them- laves, The Scripture givechnot rules in vain. Buc that yet wemay fee it more clearly : you (hall find this very thing complain- ed of fometime : And fometime forbidden. complained of, Phil. 2.20. Allfeek their owu,and not the things of fefeu Orig. Such a difpofition therewas in them, that they fought their own, they lived to themfelves. And forbidden,r Cor. /0.24. Let no manreek bis own, but every one another mans wealth. A thing exprefly, and in rearms fo clearly forbidden, as no man can hide himfelf from the light of it. He is certainlyguilty of the breach of this command, that feeks after his own: that leeks himfelf, But how Il all we know (chat we may be more fenfible of our own cafe) whe- ther it be thus midi us, or not : Whether we live to our felves, and not unto God I will gist you esso general Rules and Tryals whereby a man may difcern whether he live to himfelf or not. The firft is this. Confider when a Loa, and an occasion meet together, how you are. I (hall thew it indivers particulars. Take it thus. Sometimes you (hall fee that a man is put on to a good duty by Incouragement fomerimes profefs them- felves Chrilsi- ans yet live to thentfdves Complained of. Phii.a. z t. Forbidden. Corao.z4. Flow a man (hall know whether he ir. veth to him- fell. Role r. Inflame r.