Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The riet of JTimes jhortne ifyou ufed themnot : I know he would not sec worlding, whole Mammon and penny is his G pun his wealth :And to tell him,chat befhouldof to come to another that is newlymarried, and it oak fellow for a while, and tell him that he muff Id have little hopeto prevail with there, But you know the good things of God, youare atq nalhappinCs; thereforeaslnngáslcancallyouB theduty. this my Preface coyou. I (hall anon to co prevailwith many in the Conmregation ; when it d againfl ic, Bar asmany ofyou as areBrethren;that have taken him for your portion, his word you will bring willing and yielding hearts, f the word God,to embrace iy and to endeavour And fc, this wüffu(fice for the Preface; becaufe to Exhortation. It tiartheyrhatb c. Fit t Iwill in brief open the words, and then come the groundof the Exhortation, Thetime u!loom fiech in the Original,Timecut off. And (o the Ap agree) to Seafayrinbroen, that have almoft, done y1, and to foldthem up together, and are even putting to unladetheir goods. So faith the Apoftle, y, if a company;thac are going out a long Voyag and who beMafters-Mate, andwho (hould have couldnot greatly blame them, But when theyare aimed flight_Ihot ofthe Shoat, when they begin to ft emfelvesaut of Ship :Then if they (hóuld fall and uCe all the friendsandmeans they couldm folly. So it is with us, Time was when the world mancame into the world, he might fay, by the fix, or feven, or eight, or nine hundred years, to g (hall end my Voyage: And then ifa man fhould nfe1C; Well, if I can live but to fee felf the Father come people alrtsoft a whole Countrey,e$ the world,he might beexcufed. But Brethren,C ;ihataffoón as begin our Voyage,we areready but little time CO continue, and much work to b or us co Rand ftrivingabout wives children, ons,whcn we are ready co (}rike fayi, and even to ,itisameerfolly, Theft look aEcer,therefore let us be moderate in all th ground of theExhortation, affordeth two things. other I will Eland upon. timeof life in this world is veryJhort, Wehave This is avery fmitfuáand profitablepoint, and becaufe the Apoftle intends not as the (and chat which Saint Paul mainly intends ) ime; weare even ready to ftrike fayl, and togo t be that bad awife (houldbe at ifhe had none, and it not,&c, And there the Lefton that I note is Si s. tbeje things, as r eive it. Or to come o an old (oáked od, whofe thoughts run altogether u e the world,as if he ofed it not. Or may be hath'Made a Goddefs of his y be as ifhe were not married : I fhoo you are Brethren : and became Bre:bre uainted with things .oncerning Eter l rethren, I am bold o put you upon So (Brethren) a point thatl (hall Pave little h ape I come to (peakof he immoderate y,be both your ears will be [o(toppe c have given up your felvestoGo for your guide in ail things : I to refolve that what is delivered out o it,concerning the courfe of your l' fe( asI fail ) I wouldnot be fir Now I comer have wives, beal if In theExhor- ehe, bad none,& tofome matter ,tatìoo. of infiru&ion. Ibeginfirft wi rt,Thewordteanf- aTheground laced fhort,figni ollle aluded (as tee of ir. bell Eapofitors their voyage, and s into the Har- The meaning begin to (hike fa of cheworda. botrr,and are got The time ie Port; asif he fhould fa e,fhouldftrive who should be Mafier, this or chat Office in the Ship,1 ofl at home;when they are within a rike fayl, to take in all, and to go th a quarreling for places, and content, ake,it were a ridi- culous thing,and was in beginning, and thenwhen a courfe of nature, t have amatter of oon inmy Pilgri- mage, before I beftowa little time rethink with hit ofa thoufand Children, and m e, Then I fay, if a man should greet odbath call out the rime of garagefó co ftrikefayl pre fently. We have e donefor another life: Therefore f and courtefies; to cry out of affli&i go out of the Ship into the Harbour the while, Heaven is she thing we should efe things. This is the meaning. So thatthe The one I will but name; The Firfl'; The averyiittletime Obfer,r, tocontinue in this butbecaufeI would not be flra a main thing, I d o but only name it The fecund thing is that becauCe we Obfer.z. have but a little c o the Harbour pre- fencly, therefore ht that ufedthe b world, u ifbe u this; That 131