Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The right ufeofTir er/hortnefr. t 3 9 preferments, to riches, to cafe, to pleafures, and the like ; there we are as the barren womb, that never faith it is enough. Brethren, is it notthus ? But me tninks I fhould bring you fome particular inflánces to convince you, that it is thus : and I would to the Lord I could throughly convince youof it, thatthus it is with you. But to inflance a little. Suppofe now, a than comes and meets with a Citizen in his bufcnefs, and fay to him ; Howhave you (pent this day ? Truly (he will fay) I am fo full ofbufincls, that I have not time fo much as to cat my meat. But I hope, you nave been at prayer in your family , have you not ? Alas ( will he fay ) I cannot get fo much as a quarter ofan hours time. Do you call this as if not, brethren ? Come to another, that bath a wife : all his care is for her : oh my wife and children, if I Mould die, and leave thempoor, what fhould I do ? when I fieep, I dream of them ; when I awake in the morning, my thoughts are of them. Is this to bensif you hadno wife and children ? Another, he is ever a complainingand mourning, oh, I have filch crofles, I am fo full ofaffli &ion ; I have loft fuch, and Poch friends ; and filch, and fuch an eftate : and though I go to Church and hear, Inch and Inch comfortable doftrines , one after another , and all tellingme, of the all-fufliciencyofGod, of thecomforts and joyce of the Spirit, of the good things that are laid up in Heaven : yet like t,achel, they will never be comforted for their brother, for their lifter, for their children, &c. What ib all we fay to there things ? Doyou think the Lord (peaks not as he meaneth ? or that the Apoftle,when he faith here abfolutely and determinately,that thus and thus you mull do if you be Chriflians, if you be brethren? Shall we do the contrary to all this, and yet think that all will be well? I know you may put it off (many ofyou) and alledgc many things: we have cal- lings, and we muff follow our Callings : ifGodbrings me in imployment, blame me not if I follow it : And I know not how to live, if I do not do thus and thus. But benot deceived, God is not mocked. In a word therefore, to put you on Particular in- the tryal ; If thou findeft in the middeft of thy trading , and merchandizing, or fiances. whatfoever calling thou art of , thy heart daily gathering towards heaven : that How to know thou canft fay, bleffed be God for this, and other commodities, but Chrilt is nay rlhe things darling: this is good. And then, in thole things, ifthou hafta care to ufe them of the world, aright, as well as to get them, and to thank God for them, and that thy projeá-1 is, as if we ufed how thou fhatt do good with that thou haft, that thou art alwaycs laying with thy them not. fell, Lord how (hall Ido good with fo much as I have got by luck a bargain. God forbid I fhould fay againfl thee, though thou be full of bufinefs from morning to evening. But alas, there are many good peopleand godly, that have hope that they ferve God, yet if they go home and examine themfelvos throughly, their own confciences will tell them, that in the things of this world, they are not, as ifnot ; but rather, that they have been over-careful, and too full of diflra&ions in bu- fruefs. And fo for matter of joy : ifa man have a little pleafure, or preferment given him, his heart is fo up, that he knows not where he is, he is to tranfported, thathe hath clean forgot himfelf. This cannotftand,this is not tobe, as if not: and there- fore I beleech youin the fear ofGod thinkof it. Now if a man would know, how he fhould come to have his heart in a good How a man temper,tobe in there things,as if not. In one word, let me tell you that rule of Saint may come to Ran!. In all things be filled with the Spirit, and then thou wilt not take thought nle thing s ;E much for other things: doneeyou let your fouls be filled with the things of a bet_ ha ufed them ter life : then wife,and children,and wealth,and pleafures, or any thing elfe, willnot draw away your heart. Get a good hand-fall ofJefus Chrift : work out your falvation , and that you may know that you are believers upon good grounds, and that you have the graces of the Spirit of God in you, indeed, atad intruth, that you are new crea- tures. And thenoften think of the rare things that are provided for you in another life. What; tohave God tobe your Father, and Angels yourkeepers, to be children, -- -- T z to