Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The right ufeofTimer fhortnefr. t 4 an Apofile of Chrifi, that Pets it down by the direftion of God, that it is thus i fay, ifyou lay down this as a truth that comes from God, and ferioufly think with your felves s I have but a little time to tarry here below, and when I am out! ofthe world, 1 (hall live for ever in heaven or in hell : while I do enjoy the things !of this world, God will have me to be,as ifnot,in them : and there is good reafon why, they are fhewes, andnot fubûances : Grace and the favour of God is only ubßanh on'y chat which is fubfiantial, whatfoever you look upon that is under thefc, arc but helves: riches, and honour, and worldly contentments they are but (hadows, like one in a Play, that is but a Peafant under the coat ofa King, thefc have but only ontfides, under them there is no fuch matter. This, I fay, which I have fpoken, being fcrioufly confdered, and faithfully received, may ( through the biding of God, and yourownprayers to God to teach you this) be a means to moderateyou in the ufe of all thofe things that are here below. SECURITY