Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The Stewards Summons. 9 out as he did, that one might go and tell his brethren uponearth, that they might not come into that place; Why would he have them tell his brethren ? was there fuch love to the kingdome of Chrift in hell, that Dives would have his brethren converted ? no fuch matter. was it love to the fouls of his brethren , that he would not have them damned ? no fuch matter neither. What then ? Certainly It was nothing elfe, but a fence ofhis own guilt, he knew what evil example he had given, and what a counfeller he had been to Isis brethren, and if they fhould go on ur his steps, and their children follow the fame fleps, all this would but adde to his puni(lament, and torment in the great day, when foul and body (hall be joyned together, to make up the full meafure of their torment. For this reafon, I fay, it is therefore necelary that there fhould be a judgement after this life, 'at the end of the world. The fecond thing remaineth, and that is, why the holy Ghoftexpreffeth Gods proceedings, by wayof reckoning, or calling toanaccount ? What need the Lord reckon with men, he may proceed by way of a judge, but hefaith, come give an account rf thy Steward/IÜp ? I anfwcr; thereare four things implied Millis, all [hewing the manner of Gods proceedings , at the day of judgement with his Stewards , that it [hall be like the proceedings of a Mailer with his lervants in anaccount and rekoning. Thefirft is this, that it (hall be a proceeding in particulars. God (hall then pro- ceed not by grofs films , and in the total ; ye have done evil in the general : none will deal thus with an Accountanr, but he will run over the particulars, and Ac- count for pounds, for pence, for every thing. Thus God will deal with all Isis Stewards, when lie britrgeth them to a reckoning, he will reckon on particulars, for all things that he hath enabled themwith for his fervice. Thofe that are rich men ; firít, how they have gotten their eftates, whether they have built their bottles ae a moth, as lob fpeaks, that is, raifed their eftates, to the hurt of others , as men do that raife themfelves by ufury, and oppreffion, and fraud, and bribery, and fuchlike courfes. Secondly, how they have kept their wealth, whether withthe injury ofothers with-holding the goodsfrom the owners thereof , from the poor, for I call them in cafe of want the ownersoftheir goods, becaufe Godhalo given them to his Stew- ards for their fakes : therefore mark how Saint tames expreffeth it ; Go to nowye richwen, weep andhoule, whyfo ? your riches are corrupted, andyour garments moth eaten,yourgoldand/ilver iscankered, &c. As ifhe shouldfay, you have been hoard- ing up your treafures, youhad rather be laying ofit up, than laying of it out, and therefore becaufe youhave not laidout your effaces for the fervice ofyour Mailer, ruff is come uponyourgold,and the moth bath eaten intoyoirrgarments,ye have heaped treafure togetherforthe lafl day. Thirdly, how they have(pent what they havehad, whether on their lufts or no ; Te askandhave not (faith St. James) becaufe ye askamifs,to fpendit onyour lulls; fo ye by out amifs, ye fpend it on your rafts. When men for pride in apparel, for cxcefs at their tables, for vain buildings, for finful upholding ofwickednefs, for unnecef ary, and injurious proceedings inlaw fuits, or in vvhatfoever indire& courir men lay out their eftates, it is a mif-(pendingof their Mafters goods. And as he that hath got his vvcalth unjuftly,and he thatkeepethit unjuftly,ihallgive anaccount, fo he that layeth it out in a confufed, finful, profufe vvay, Ihall be called togivea reckoning for that. And not only for matter of an citate, but befrdes, for matterof place and au. thority. Neofes knevv this vvell enough, and therefore vvhen hevvas to gooutof the vvorld,. he firft clears all reckonings vvith the people of Ifrael: I have been a Ruler thus long, let any inap come andRand up and fay, I havedone himvvrong : let everyman come and clearme this daybefore the Lord, that I have vvalked all my life-time unblameably, inoffenfively, promoting the glory of God, and fuppreffing all the evil that I could with my might : this was the account that .2'Cofes made with the peuple of Ifrael before he died, that he might lift up his head with C comfort. Why God is raid to call all Men toan ac- count. t. Because he will proceed in particular. Iob 57.11. Iam:s,ï.,a' lam4. 7