Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

4 1t4oùrning preferrédbefore lilrrthé 29. Só that the mainpoint, that in this place the wife man intendeth, is but thus, much, I will deliver it in the very words of theText, we need not vary from them at all. Death is the end of all menu ! Obfervdt. z Death is that which every man matt expe&, to be the endof his life, and of Death the hisactions. It is the common, the laft conditionofall menupon earth. end of act Iwill give you but two places ofScripture, that includeall men in Death. One men. in Job the third, from the fourteenth verle, to the ao verte of that Chapter, Job Iob;. rq. (heweth there how Death is the endofall men he beginneth with the Kings and Counfellers of the Earth, with Princes and great warriors, and defccndeth afterward to prifonersandmean perfons, to labourers, tofervents, tofmall andgreat, all (faith he) lie down in the duff, andgo to theplace of(lence. Theotherplace is in Zacbar. I.5. Tourfathers whereare theey?. and the Prophets, Zach. t. g. do they livefor ever ? That is, look to all your fore - fathers, that have been in all times before you, whether they be thofe Fathers that you glory in,.Rbraham, Ifaac, and 'Jacob , and the ref¡, or thofe Fathers that difobeyed the word ofProphetic (which indeed is theprincipal thing here intended) all there Ancient perfons they are dead ; or as S. `Peterfpeaks,ofthofe that were difobedient in the dayes of Voab, they are inprifon, they are in the grave : yea, and the Prophets too, that preached to you, they are dead : the generations before you, both of Prophets andpeople, are all dead. You fee then, that Death is the common condition of allmen. Kings and Sub- je&s, Prophetsand people, this is the Taft thing that fhall be Paid of them all, they are dead. And it mutt be fo ; Firft in regard of Gods decree. It is that that God hath appointed, determined, concerning all that muff die is Reaf. r. In regardof PP , and g men, at they : there a {brute for it in heaven, that can never be revert. h is appointed to all men once to Gods decree die, Heb.9. s7. Secondly, in regard of that matter whereofall menare made,of earth : Duff thou etrt,and to duff thou Jhak return, Yourremembrances (faith fob) are like unto allies, Reaf. z. In reard andyour bodies,to bodies ofclay. How eafie is it for the wind to blow away aches ? the maretf for a Pótter to break in pieces a veffel ofclay ? fo carte it is to put an end to the whereof mea memories and bodies of men, theyarebutathesand clay. are made. Thirdly, in regard that every man hath in him, that that is the cattle ofDeath : lob r3. 15. fin. It is that that is as poyfon in the fpirits, and as rottennefs in the bones. Sin brought in Death, andDeath feizes upon all men ; it confumeth all men from the Real. 3. very beginningby degrees. Shew me a man without fin : without it either in the In regard e- committingof it, or without it in the guilt of it you may then fhew a man that very man in :, g Y Y him, bath the (hall not die ; while all men are under fin, theyare under Death. Even ourbief- anteof fedSaviourJefus Chrift himfelf, though he did not fin a&ually,yet becaufe he flood death. guilty of our fins, Death feized upon him. So then. Look to Gods decree, that is, All men (hall die. Look to the matter whereof every man is ¡nade; that is, a decaying dying fubftance. And look to the caule ofdeath in all men, that isfin; If any man can either efcape Godsdecree, or bring a man that is not made of fuels a mouldring matter, or produce, and, (hew a man that bath no fin in him : then youmay thew a man that (hall not dig :' but till then this eonclufion remaineth,that the wife man fetteth down,this is theend of all men, that theyfhalldie. But here it will he obje&ed ; We find force men that did not die. It is faid of ObjelP. Enoch , that be was tranjlated , that he fbould not fee death, Heb. Ir. 5. And of Heb r r. Elijah, thathe went up br a whirle-wind into heaven ina chariot offire, z Rings z. It Theft men did not die. z King a,il: To this, I anfwer briefly. Particular and extraordinary examples, do not fruftrate general rules : Godmay fometimes difpence with force particular men, .Rut'. and yet the rule remain firm ; I fay it maybe fo. But