Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Mourningpreferredbefore Mirth. felf; to conclude thus I muff die,I may die foon,this maybe the haft day ofmy life upon earth, this may be the haft time I may breath, this may be the Taft word that I fhall (peak, the lait aEhion that I (hall do ; I know I muff die,and it maybe I may die now. This is that we thould principally intend, and labour moft after, that when we read the ftories ofthe Scripture, and fee that Death is the end of all men, that all malt die , and clack houlesmuttbehoufesofMoterníng, to onc1udt the lame for our (elves. Allthofe worthies fpokeuof in bleb, Ir. it is Paid, ìbey all died to faith ; I read filch aman was a King , but hedied; fuch a man was a prophet', but he died; fuch a man was Noble; but hafdicd ; fuch aone died in hisyouth , fuch aone'in his ftrcngth, their died, and I mutt die ; the fame thing,inuIhbe' faid ofme, that is faid of them. I fay, let us not only fay it, but refolve;'! and con- chideupon it i conclude forour felves, that the fame thing unlit be laidöfus, that is laidof all men; All men mutt die, we muff die. The benefit that floweth fromit will be this ; The benefit of the partiçu- Firit, when a man bringeth it to his own particular cafe, it will make frnmore la appl cä ion odious to him. What is.it that brought Death into the world ? what bringeth of dca;h ìo a death upon us ? "Sin. By one man fin entred into the world , and death by fin> mans felf. andfo death pad upon all men, for that all have finned. This I fay is ir, th at a. will make fro odious to a man, it will makea man look upon fin as a deadly evil. A Si" will be man will avoid an infe&ious difeafe, that is mortal and deadly,, and peftifential, made more ? becaufe it is deadly, it is as much as his life is worth. The odious. and the like ; Why Y koui, ç r i. fame is fin, it is that that brought death upon all man-kind, and will bring it upon thee. When Both the creature forfeit his being to the Creator, but when he clothnot ufe it in the fervice, and for the glory of theCreator. Gad bath given the creature a beingfor himfelf,I have forfeitedmy being, when I glorifie not God with it; that man forfeiteth hiswit, his memory, his ftrenbh, his time, his life, and all that he is orbath , when he doth not imploy them in Gods fervice , to Gods glory. Now fin is that that makes us deny the ferviceand glory we owe to God ; fin is that that makes a forfeiture ofour lives, and all unto him. Here is the fief} thing, Godbath given the creature a being for himfelf, he preferveth the creature in being for himfelf, when the creature therefore frnneth it forfeitcth its life and being to the Creator. This makes fin odious. Secondly, this is it, that declareth the wonderful ¡office, and truth of God. He z The truth faidtoAdam in the beginning,asloonas ever he had fallen,he /hoeolddie: and wefind d ¡office of it true on him,andall his ofterit :for Adamflood andre refented the erfon ofall cod Will be P y P P the mote ac_' men before God,that one man was Amen : n him all men were under the lenience knowledged. ofdeath. And we fee it is true to this day. We find God true in this, let thissnake ! us believe his word in every thing elfe. He bath been as good as his word, he bath declared his juffice,and his truth in the death of allman-kind upon the fin ofAdam : he willdeclare it in every thing elfe, in every promife, in every threatning, in every paffageof his word : let us give him the glory ofhis truth, aswe find it in this. Thirdly, it is advantagious very much for our felves, as ameans to prepare us t. Death will for death the better. When a man lerioufly concludeth, Death is theendofaltmen; be ter h bettet thenifI reckon and account. my fellamongft men, it will be my end too,and it may ptepaed lot. be my endnow. And we fhall feewhat ufe yob makes ofthis: Allthedoges ofmy Iobr4.t4. appointed time , I will wait till my change (hall come. I make account a great change (ball come, fuch as hath been upon all my fathers before me, fo it will come uponme,I will make account of it,and therefore /will wait all my dayes: So fhouid we,make account every day, that this may be the dayofmy change ; inevery thing youdo,makc account that your change maybegin theta in that veryadion, and this will be a means to make you waitforyour change,make you prepare for death. It is that that Drufuo noteth of Rabbi Eleazer,that he gave his counfel and advice,that, a man fhould be fare to repent one day before he died. He meant not that a man Ihoulddefer his repentance till it did evidently, that Deathhad kitedupon him. But becaufe a man may conclude, if it be poffible I may live to day, it is probable I may die to morrow, therefore I will repent to day. Do it now, and'do'not delay it till to morrow. This