Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

tg The `PramofMourning, or Cot. 7. 19, ;. Thereby we come to fee the end, andcode of death, our enjoymentof thefe worldly comforts. Look upon every wort ify thing as a mortal, as a dying comfort. Look upon children and friends; as dying co:atòrtse Lookupon your eflates , as that that bath wings and will he gone., tool: upon your bodies, that now you make fo much of, as a thing that muff be parted from the foul by death, and teat ere long. See what advice the Apoffle giveth, t Car. j. eo. the time ïs Iläort ( Gish he ) therefore letthefe that marry, be ae ifthey m,rrried not : and they that rcjoyce, ad though they rejoycednot : and they that buy , at though they pofeffed not : andthey that ufe thiswbrld as not abating it. A man abufeth the world, when he sleds it beyond the cònfideration of the lhortncfs ofenjoying theft thirigs: when he looks upon there things , as things that he Ihsh enjoy alwayes. BM if we would rife it aright , look upon things as things that we (hall enjoy , but fora Ihort time. This body-that feemethnow to have flame beauty in it, yet it mutt die, & be laid in the daft t thefe friends that feemeth now to have fome pleafure,and delight in them, yet I muff die, and be took from them : this effete and wealth , that now I fet fo much price upon, I muff die, and death will part me and it, So I faÿ, look upon every thing as feparablc from us. Moderate your affe&ions likewife to them. Ufe them only as comforts ha the way , as a traveller doth the pleafures ofhis Inn, he Rands not to build him fclf} hones againft everypleafant walk helooks 'upon, he elands not to purchafe lands , and to lay them toevery Inn he comes to lyeat; No, lieknows that he is now but- in his palfage , in his way , he knows that he is not at home , that is the place he is going to, and after a time he alai' come thither. So make account that you are not now at home, it is death that muff help you toyour home. Let this therefore take you from all thèfe things that are in the way. It is a ftrange thing, to fee how Sathan befotteth , and befooleth men, They ftrive, and labohrto compaffe manyworldly things, as if their happincfs flood id the enjoyment of them; as ifthey fhould have their wealth, and their comforts for ever. What care is there amongftmen to get wealth, and many times lofe their fouls in getting the world? Alas ! Death will part foul and body , them and their wealth and all. Dowe not fee thisdaily in the death of others before us: fucha one is dead, where, is his body now? in the duff. Where are hisfriends, and his companions now ? Where is his wealthand his effete., for which many flattered him and fawned uponhim ? are.they not all feparated from him? they have no- thing now to do with him: he cannot difpofe of one penny of his effate now, it is left he knowsnot to whom,others now have the mannaging ofit:As now you can fay this of others,fo there will a time come,that other-men will fay the like ofyou , I had fttçh a friend, but death hath parted him from me, he had fuels an effete ,. bitt death-bath parted him andhis eftate. Let its therefore make this ufe ofthc death- of others to conclude with our felves, that there will be a parting ofall thofe out- ward things, that nowwe are fo apt to dote upon. The third fpecial thingconfiderable in the death ofothers , that will be matter of Profit, and benefit to thofe that live, and furviveafter them is, the end and esufe for which God fendethDeath abroad into the world with fuck a large commiffion, that it gocth on with Inch liberty to every family, to every place, thatit uponevery petfots. What's the reafon ofit? You (hall fee in the feveral deaths of men,feveral caufcs. There is judgement and mercy; fometime a mixture ofboth , and fometime but one of thefe. Sometimes, we fee an apparanc judgment of God in the death of fome. A judgment of God upon themfelves. Thus the young Prophet that difobeyed the wordofthe Lord,a Lyon met him in the way and flew him. So thofeCorinths, that did eat and drinkunworthily in the Lords Supper , though they were filch as were Paved after , yet neverthelefsfor this very chufe ( faith the Apoffle) fome of themwere fickandweak, and fame liept ; they died, they werejudgedofthe Lord, that they might not be condemned with the world. When you fee death feizing uponmen , as an a& of divine judgment of divine pleafure , let it makeyou more fearfuloffinning againft God, left you provoke againft your felves the fame wrath, in the verya& offin. Sometimes