Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Freedomefrom the fear of Death. was a violent work, filch a workas knocks us offof all holds, and takes us oft all fenlible, and vifîblcprops , and humane.fupports, and makes us to fee nothing rn the creature to doe us that good we look for, to make us eternally happy: there - I forewe were taught ( faith he ) not totrufl to ourfelves ; ifá manmay trui ny , he might truff hìmtclt tirs; yea but we arc dying, and cannot enjoy ourfclvcs' long, therefore we trait in him thatraifeth .0 up from tbe.dead. Thirdly anotherend that God aymeth at , in holding his fervants, many times To encreafe tender the fear ofdeath, is, that he may make them more watchful, and holy in the rheir watch courtè oftheir lives. Gdacts. This our Saviour exprelfcth under two parables, the one of the lhrgins that were Mac 21. to watch for the comingof the Tride(;troom, they knew that he would come; .l)ut thy knew not when, therefore they were alwaycs to keep their watch, with oyle in their lamps. And the other of a Mafter, that left Talents with his fervauts, he told them teat hewould come , but he told them not when, that they might be Pure to employ them to the belt advantage. And the Apoftle Peter raifeth an exhortation to this purpofe, on this very ground : Since ( faith he) that all thef things mull be difolved, what manner of re° 3' t' perfons ought we to be in all holy convcrfation and godlinefi , lookingfor , and haft- fling to, the appearance of our LordJefso Chrifl? We know that the Lord Jefus Chris will come, but he hails concealed the particular time of his coming , that wee might alwayes keep our watch , and be prepared for him, whenfoever he comcth. Now thisisncceflary for all the fervants ofGod, for they are apt to be fecurc, and to be carried away with worldly bufinefs, and delights , and to nested that which concerns theireternal good; and therefore God will affect them with the fear ofdeath, that they may be ftirred up to more watchfulnefs, and holinefs, in a godly courfe of life. Fourthly , God doth it, that by the fear, ofDeath they may be better prepared for death, that it may not come upon them as a ftranger, that they never thought on before, that it maynot come ad an armed man upon them: therefore is it that God will have them, not only tohave thoughts of it; butfear of it ; ( you know) is an affccion, that quickneth a man to a&ion, keeps him to a conftant obferving of God. jehofaphat, when God did not only bring a multitude of enemies upon him , but alto the report of them to him, and that in fuch a manner, as he might be affe&ed withfear ; What did all this work in him The text faith, ye- hofaphat did feekehe Lordwith all his heart, and proclaimedafall in Judah, andpro_ videdfuck other defence, as was neceffary; he law nothing but fear and danger in the creature; Weknownot what to do with this great company, that cometh againft tt, this let him a work to fcekthe Lord with all bis heart, and to makeother pro- vifion againis them. So the Lord will have his fervants apprehend deathas an dron- ed enemy coming upon them that they may be better prepared to receive it, that they may get evidences ofcomfort, and affuranceof heaven , and fo may be fitted upon good grounds to entertain death with joy when it cometh. And this is the fervants of God have needof, becaufe if there benot fomewhat toquickest to this, there areother things enough to prevent themfrom it: and then when men are molt weakand full ofpain and wearinefs,thedivel takes advantage to calf them offfrom all comfort, fo that at the leafswe (hall die uncomfortably ; ifnot miferably, if they be not prepared beforehand to. receive Death, and have gotten aflurance, and evidence of a better condition afterward. Thus you have thefirs thing, that is, Gods ad, andfor what reafonshe keepeth his fervants in this bondage of thefear ofdeath. Again fecondly, another cattle from without,is from themalice ofSathan. His mainaim is, to keep men from a Chriftian courfe altogether : if that cannotbe done; his next work is tomake men go on as uncomfortably in it, as hecan poflible; therefore he will prefent them withas many fears, as maybe :and becaufe that this is that that naturemolt abhorreth, for it is the moli natural delire of man to pre - ferve his being (I fay, ) becaufe nature roof abhorreth this ; this diffolution and F a deftruáion 35 To pupate them for death. s Chro. ao.s. 2. Sachan.