Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

539 DEATHS PREROGATIVE. SERMON XLVIIIe G:n. 3.19. For dut thou art, and unto duit thou !halt return. Sthe render mercies of the wickedarecruel, Prov. /2.10. or the feemoeg cruelties ( at the highefl butfeverities) of the God of Heaven have much of mercy in them. Witnefs this carriage in this chapter,tówardsour firfi; Parents: not to fpeak of his mercy ofmercies, (obviour to every eye ) Chri,fl the fecond Adam, promifed before the firfi Adam was punifhed, the woman is fentenced in furrow to bring forth Children. It might have been better and better; whereas it is Bitter-fit/at ; though farrow , jet fhe /hall bring forth Children. Travellerswill affureus, that there is a finall Bland nigh Nömbrèdediaiin "MSc-, ric4, where rio woman as yet could be deliveredofa child, and therefore, when ricer their time , a'ré cdnveyed over to the neighbouring continent,' Whether this proceed e from the Aftringency in the Air, Earth, or Water ; or any other 06- cult CZualitÿ, let the privy Counfellors of Nature difeufs andderide. Gód might have extended theMalignity of this Bland allover the World, Cain might have been the Ben-pony to Eve, but his goodnefs was fo merciful, that her comfortablepain was for the time abated with the hope, for futureforgotten with the fruition, john t6. ít. That a man toalborninto theväorld. Secondly; for Adam , he is cenfitred verf ry. In forró, tó eat of the grotitid all the dayés ofhis life: Inforrou,there isJai/ice ; /hall eat, there is trey: God might have made the Earth Deaf, and Dumb, to the defires of the Husbandman : ut non parerent area colossi, Mat might have Fallowed,' andStirred, andPlowed, and Sown, and Harrowed; and Rouled, and Weeded, and-Mown, and yet not have brotighthome to the Barri ; ornothave eat ofwhai he broughthome.` How cafily can God make an ill - conditioned au f u_nfcafonable autumn, defeat the promi- fes of the moll pregnant Spring, and Simmer ? Ho*may a snotóy January, Fro- fly February, Duffy , showry Aprils, Windy eítay, warm June, not July, (all very kindly in their kinds) be married with á conflant and continued raign in4uguff, even to the famifhing of all man-kind, had not God gracioufly Aaaa promifed