Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

PATRIAKCHAI. FUNERAL. GEN. L. 10, .and he made a mourningfor his Fatherfevers dayes. <,'- ,r Yt Here are two greatnames concealed in this Text,bntexprefs'd by the'.^rophet David in a particular and eminent manner : Thou haft withthine arm redeemed thypeople; theSons of fa cob and ?ofeph. Great was thename of abrandm, but all his Sons were not accepted; only lfaac was in the Covenant. Great was the name of Ifaac, but hisSon Éfau was reje &ed. Great thenmuff thenameof Jacob lie,who had twelveSons, and all accepted. The whole people ofGod defcended from him, and were called Ifraelites, and the Sons ofJacob , as his by generation from his loins. One of theretwelve was Jofepb,and the reft did equallydelcend from him, and might be called his Sons by prefervation, from his care and po wer,How foever, he is exempted from the number of his Brethren ; atad that he might be ffyl'd a Father, two Sons of his are numbred with his Fathers Sons, and ranked with the Patriarchs. Thus were all the people of God the Sons ofJacob andJofepb ; and Jofepb, while the Son of Jacob, the Father of the Sons of Jacob. Theft are the two concealed in theText; Jacob theFather,andthat Father dead ; Jofiph the Son, and that a mourningSon : for he madea mourningfor bis Father liven dayes. Theft words contain a briefrelation of a Patriarchal Funeral; in which two general partsare prefented to our view ; the Solemnization of the Obfequies; and, The Continuationof theSolemnities. In the défcription ofthe Solemnizatión there are four particulars obfervable; The Connexion; The Perlon ; TheAction; The Occafton. The Connexion,in theconjun6ìive particle And; the Perlonunderftood in the following pronoun He ; the Adhion reprefented, what He, that is, Jofepb did, he made a mourning : The Occafron expreffed, for whom he mourned, for hie Father. The Connexionofthe Text is double,in referenceto the Perfon,and in relation to theAEtion. The Connexionof the Perron, and he; the Connexion of the Altion, with the precedent a&tionsofthat perron, Andhe made a mourning. 7 !hall begin with the Connexion of thePer(on, and in mywhole difcourfe exaêtly profecute the method of the Text. When aged Jacob yielded up the Clboll, and was gathered unto Lis people; the B' b b b" x Phyfitians Pfal. 77. if; ®en. q9. ;5. 59.s,g.