Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

55 T H E TRUE ACCOUNTANT. SERMON Pfal. 90. 12. to teach ma tonumber our dayes, Chit lemay apply oar hearts avio'rf- dome. Uch is the pravity of our natures, ever lince the firll fall of Adam, as that we prove very apt Scholars to learn that which is ill , but we are very dull and backward to mind any thing that is good. We want no teaching to fetus for- wards in the wayes ofwickednefs, bus inthe performance of the leaft good,weare not able tomove one ffep,witbout the guidance and direction of the holy Spirit of God. Therefore it is a good prayer of Davidfor every one of its; Pfd. 543 to. Teachme to do the mill, for thou art my Gad ; thy Spirit is good , lead me into the land of uprtgbtnefs. There are many Teachers abroad in he world, and morethan know how to teach aright ;.. and. thereare manyDo& ines which. are daily preft and intruded upon the weak and fiusple, aria store than are Ofeful and Paving: But there is but Vnumnecefariumj one thing that is needful, one thingin fpecial to be minded and looked after, even fo' to live, as that we may become wife forEternity, fo to walk on earth, as that vvemay befitted for Heaven. This is the mainDoetrine weare to learn, and our %n'fìrudfer is God. We have none to teach us but God, and we have no.other Way to implore this favour of God; but by our prayers in the words of Mofes So teach to, &c. . Youknow the Pennían of this Pfalm by the Infcription, Aprayer of...Moles the man of God ; and I think it is fafer.to keep to the letter of theText, than to bufe your thoughts with the various and doubtful confie&ures we Meet with in ancient and modern Espofitors. TheText is a' Prayer to Godto teach us thetrue Art ofArithmetick, to makeus true Accomitants for Heaven, howwëmay know to number our dayes aright.' Ill this Prayer we meet with two things.: Firif, what he begs of God ; r. To number his dayes: a. Tobe taught this duty. 3: To be taught it infuch a manner ; Sdreach at. Secondly, the end wherefore he begs this of God, That we may apply,efc. The end is the gainof true wifdom, to make us wife for Heaven.' Andherewe have, r. Thekind and nature of this vvifdome, what this vvifdome is, ofvvhich Mofes here