Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

55 T H E JUST MANS FUNERAL. SERMON LL All things helve ifibsin the days óf my vanity ; there it a ',ift min ét at perifsethinhis righteoufnefs; andthere is a pickedmail thatpfolongetu his life in wickeinef. He World is a vohímneofGods vvorks,vvhichall goód peo- ple ought ftudioufly to penile. Three forts ofmen are to blame herein. First, filch as obferve nothing at all; feeing, but neither marking or minding the daily accidents that happen, with * rallio the fecuredeputy ofe4chaia, They carefornone of theft things. Secondly, Such as obferveno- thingobfervable, thefe maybe faid toweed theworld; ifany paffage happenethvvhich deferveth to be forgotten, their jet ermories (only attra bng ftravvs and chafiunto them) regîflreth and retainetk hem t fond falhions and foolifh fpeechcs is all that they charge on their account; and only empty cyphers fvvell the vote-books oftheir difcoveriesé Laftly, (itch vvho makegood obfervations, but no applications: With Mary they donotlion- der think in their heart,but onlybreve them in their heads,andprefently breath thetrí out of theirmouth, bayingonly a rational dnderftanding thereof, (yvhiclt renders them acceptibfe in company for their difcourfe) but never fuffefingtheni to lush into their fouls, or make' any of eCkuall impreffionoftheir lives. l uçSotoniansobfervations vvereevery vvay compleat;hemark`d v6hat happéuedc $t *veil he might,vvhoadvantaged vvitfi matchlefs vvealth,tnight makçmatchlefs di( coveries,and could afford io dig out iniportani Truths with mattocksofGold and silver;vvliát he ma[I'd ryas remarkable,andvvhatvvas remarkable,henot only applied to the goodofhis private p'erfon,but endeavouring it might be propagated toall po- fterity in the vvords' ofmy text,ddll thingshave /lien in thedaysofmy vanity;thereis4 MP 1 id. 4& ia.