Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

587 T H E RIGHTEOUS MANS SERVICE GENERATION. SERMON Lli. AEts 13. 3e. Por David after he hadferved hie,eneratieri after the *ill ofGdd, fell afleep, &c. N this Chapter St. Paul dots demonftrate the 11,efutreEtiod of our bided Saviour by three feveral places ofscripture, foretold andnow fulfilled. TheLaw faith, in the mouthof twoor threewitnfes the truthfhallbeeftablifhed. Twoínay, Three melt do the deed ; Two make full meafure, Thrie makemeafure pre¿ed downandrunningover. And fuchdoth the Apoftiegive us in the proof of this point. Thefirft place he citeth Pfal. a.y. Thouart myfon, this day have i begotten thee : The fecond, JJaiah 55.3. 1 will giveyou thefore mercies of David : The laft, `l'fal. t6: It. Thom(haltnotfuffer tbj boy one to fee corruption: it is obfervable, That the fame Text, Al!. i,: 3t. is alloalledged, expounded; applied and preffcd by St. Paul, toprove the KefurreaionofChriftsbodyuncor. ruined, See here theholy Harmony betwixt the twoApoftles: Though Peter and Paul had a (port and (harp conteff at Antioch, Gal.,. tr. where Paul withftood him to hi, face ; yet here their hearts, and hands, andtongues, meetlovingly toge- ther in the improving'of the fameportionof Scripture i Bothof them (hewheft negatively, how it could not Iltterally be meant of David, (whole body was cor- rupted and his Sepulchre remained amongft themunto that day) and thereforepo/i- tive[ muff be meant myftically and prophetically ofChrift. Now 8ô