Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

4 597 T H E C ROVVN O F RIGHTEOUSNESS, O R, Theglorious RewardofFIDELITY in the Difchargeof our DUTY. SERMON Llll, 2 Tim 4. 7,S. Ihavefought a goadfight, I have finif edmy coal?, I havekept the Faith: Henceforth there is laid upfor me a Crow ofReghteoufneff, which the Lord, the Righteous judge, /hallgive me at that Day i andnot to me only, but unto them alto wha love his Appearing. Shall not detain you by any impertinent Preface , fith the il-sortnefs of time for this Service, together with the indul- gence of this fo learned an Auditory, anticipates an Apo- logy, and gives hope of muchCandor, under fomanifold impreparations. And fo I addrefs my felf to the fcriousbufinefs of my Tcxt The fcope whereof amounts to this fun; Name- ly, to comfort Tmothy about the.night approach of Saint Pauls Martyrdom, mentioned, ver, 6. The argu- ments ofcotzfolatioi are two, each depending on the other. t. The firfi taken from his Holy courfeoflife, conftantly continued, comfortably,ñnifbed, Thcfccond, from the certainty of his Bleffed effate, affured tp hiin after this Life, ver. 8. And indeed, the Apofflcfcems to put on him the effe&ion of a dying Fa- ther, wiliiug to inhibit, or at leaf} to amoderate the paffions (whichlike Amber- greefemav do well in a compotìudofgrace)of his indeared children,eucompaffing, as b Jaco(s, Sons, his Death-bed ; as ifhe had thus c dropt his words upon them : what do ye d weeping and breakingmy bears ? e Gad, my own fConfcience, your TheC 2: 32. TheC4.;;. Gen.4.9.i,II. c Dcur.3e.z. aAEI. 2r.r3. e r TheLt. to. fRom. 9.1,