Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

`\111Ï1i?+ ß1111Íj 4,4s yÌÍ11;1 ;aüüümuu+i ., O.PHNOIKO>2= T HTE H O T..! S F MOUINING FURNISHED DIRECTIONS for With PREPARATIONS to MEDITATIONS of - CONSOLATIONS at DELIVERED IN The Hour of DEATH, LVI. SERMONS, Preached at theFunerals of divers faithful Servants of Chrift. DanielFeaty, Ri.Houldfworth, Thomas Fuller, By Martin.Day, ')RichardSibs, Sdm. Barker John Preflon, fahn Pearfon fofas Alfop, y Tho. Taylor, (_Chri .Shste, And other Reverend Divines. Do&ors in Divinity. ECCLES. 7.4. The heart ofthe wife, is in the Houfe of (Mourning; but the heart offools , is in the Houfe of cAtirth. Non amitti fed pramitti videntur quoi fednon abfiemotura mors , fed aternitas receptora eft. Ambr. deobit. frat. ¡ter imperfeaum eft,fi inmedia parte aut titrapetitum locumfteterit vita non eft imperfeE'ta bonefla, ubicunque deferis, jibenèdeferes, Iota eft. Sente. Ep. 77. Newly Correfked and Amended, with feveral Additional Sermons. LONDO2`, Printed for fohn Williams, and are to be foldat the Sigtr of the Crown in GrofKeys Court in Little-Britain. 567 z.