Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

5 4 The:2'erfeFi`ion ó f !'atiiiíce, or, \Senfe) by putting into it our on ingredients, that are inbred in our own parions, and Pride, and Self.will, and our own Earthly minds, far more bitter then elk it would be, i But bow dothaman make AftliElionswont ? Way bow There are diversways that men take, wherein theyare tofar from perfeetingpati- men iocreare a we in themfelves, that they wholly deflroypatience. impatience in The fin i is, by their agravating of their atflt&ions, by all the f-veral citcumflan- themfeves. sBy agtava_ ces that poffible-they can invent. All theirEloquence is tiled in exp'reffing the pie- clog their aF voufnefsof that trots and affli&ion that is upon them: They that in the times of Mercy flifaions, could fcarce ever'dróp a word in thankfulnefs,and acknowledgment of Gods goodnefs ro them, now they can pour out floods of Sentences in exprettion of Gods bitter, and heavy dealing with them in'fuch affliaions, and crottes, and diflreffes that be- fall them. As the Church (peaks in theLamentations; Confider Ail that part by, ti Läma.,2. there any afjlifiion dikemy aßü£lion, wherewiththe card bath af/l%áled me? The like ÇPeech you haveordinarily in`the mouths ofperlons ; Is there any offli &ion likemine? There is no body fo wronged in theirNameas I ; nor hash fuch pain in their body, nor never went with loch an heavy heart as I ; never any man fuffeíed fo many in- iiries by Friends and Enemies, and all fortsofpeople, as I have done : As ifall the af- fli&íons in the world, the Flouds and Waves of tryals, wereall met upon one perron. fhis is the Language of meta, whereby they agravate their affli&ions, and incrcafe impatience in themfelves- , a. By giving Again, another may whereby they do is, is ihis ; Bygiving vent and free courte liberty ro their to they peftìons t Paffions are like,a wild Horfe, if they have not Reins put upon patrons. them, if they be not pulled in, they will flit out to all excefs. If once we give our Paffions vent, there is no Rapping of them. David, we fee checks himfelf, he had a curb to bridle his paffrrons; why art thou call down, oh my Soul? Bit other_ .vile when men give the Reins to their parr. in, and do not flop their courir, but chink they have reafon for ir, they. break out into all Eshorbitancy. Jonah, when he Lord challenged him for his anger, Doff thou well to be angry? 1(faith he ) Ido well to be angry even to the Death. S i David, Oh ei4bfalom, mySas, would God I had diedfor thee ; Oh Abfalom, my Son, my Son. What hurt was done to David? What wrong had the man to take on thin ? His Son was took from him, u: it wasabfalam: Abfalom died, bu: it was Abralomthat would have killed his Father: And yet he takes on, as if the Father could not live, becaute the Son that fought his death, was took from him. Such unreafovable Pásfions, fuch caufelefs Diftempers oft- times are in the Soulsof men, that theyntil1ake Gods ways, and that way way that he intendeth them good in, theycomplain of, as if it wem their utter undoing. g. By re{oT,g Again thirdly, anotherway whereby men increafe their impatience and diflemper comfon. is, when they will not give way to Comfort: They will notonlybe exceeding vehe- ment and intent upon their-Pad-ion, but betides, flopall paffages andInlets, againft. Comfort; It was Jacobsfault concerning the death of Jafeph : When he heard that Gen. 37.14. Jofeph was dead, not only his Heart funk within hint,bnt he rends hisGarments, and covereth himfelf with Sack - cloth, he takes on fo, that whenhis Sons and Children rofe up tocomfort him, hewould not becomforted : Way ? Becaufe fofephwas not; and I will go to thegrave to jofeph': Nothing would comfort Jacob but he would goe down co thegrave toJsfeph by all means; What a great matter was this? He only heard that 3ofepb was dad, he was alive, heknewnot fo much, but he heard a prefent round of fear, and he wascariied away with chat. So it is with us, the very apore- henfion of our fears areas bad toús, as the things themfelves could pof{ible be. Nay we multiply upon our felves, our fears, and we will riot heat counfcl and comfort, as Rachel, that, mourned for her Children, and mould not be comforted, becánfethey were not. 4. By looking Again, a fourth thing whereby men increafeImpatience in themfelves, and ag- onlyonafli- öravate their forrows, is This, when men look only upon the prefent Affli&ions, ¿Ions proctor and not upon the mercies they bave : As if they had but one eyeto behold all. ob- not on met- P' Y y y ties. je&s with, as if they could look bat upon one thing at once : There fhould bea looking