Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The Compteat ¿hripart. g9 And where is there a man that bath waked fo long, but God, that his fervants may not faint in their expe&ation, either fupports them with other comforts, left they (hould faint in their deliire, or elfe giveth them that which they delre before their hearts faint. Know therefore, that It isno fuch great matterfor a man to wait upon God, it is but a fhorctime : And refolve in the timeof thy waiting upon this, Mai" when thou art fittell for mercy, it (hall come, and when is cometh,'lt (hall come with an abundant weight and fweetnefs, filch as (hall countervail all thy ex. ,e6tation and waiting. thus I have told you how men (bould exercife Patience by exercifing their ¡aid): : and how they fhould ftrengthen Patience byHope : And how they (hould perfea Par;enee by Self-denial. The reafon why I cook this Text for the prefent occafon is, that there might be a concurrence between the Ruleand the Example. Here is the Rule, Let Patience have her perfeEl wore¿, that yen mayheperfea, and entire, wantingnothing. One reafon among otherswas this, becaufe we know not what changes and trials, God hathrefereed any of usto, therefore we had needof Patience. Our Sifter here is the Example t apattern to others ofthofe tryalsof life, whereto a Chriftian maybe ex-1 poled even to extremity. Howfoever is ',leafed God co give many other mercie s to her, yet neverthelefs (he had a continual exercife of Patience, in extream angui(h of body, ina vexing tormenting pain, that a. long time, for manyyears together held her under fuch extremity"of torture, that a man on the Rack, or in anyocher extrc. miry, could hardlyhave greater torments then the fometime felt, irr the time of that extremity upon her. God laid this affli &ion upon her toperfefl her Patient ce, and that the might be a patternof Patiencero you, that you might fludy and pray for Pa- tiente, and endeavour after it, that when affli &ions fall upon anyof you, you may not be found wanting,and del itute of Patience. So much for this time. ARE4