Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

A RESTRAINT OF EXORBITANT PASSION O R, GR®AG UTDS A INS jnfeafonable 1Vlourning. SERMON V. 2 SAM. 1 2.22, 24. endhefaid,-while the Child usas yet alive, 1fa/fed andwept: FarIfaid who can tell,whether Godwillbegracioas to me,tbat the childmaylive? Bat now he îs dead, wherefore fbould I Fall? Can Ibring him back again ? 1 Jhailgo to him, but bbe/hall not return to me. yefe Words contained David: anfwer to a queihion that was i Coherence put to him( in the Verfegoing before the Text) by force of his fervants. The quellion wasgrounded upon their ob- fervation of his divers carriage, when the Childwas lick, and when the Child was dead. When the Child was lick, He fafled and wept, and la)upon sheground, andprayed ; When the Child was dead, he forbeareth, weeping, wafhetb bimfelf, calletbfor bread, &c. And now they ask him the reafon, for they thought rather that he would have expreff greater farrow, then he had done before, as it may be difcerned in the confulta- io u among thenifelves : Every man wis loth to tell David of the great lofs that wax befallen ,him that hisChild was deid. When he heardof it, andaltereth his carriage.