Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

68 Vfe. z. To children. 2. David'scar- riage when his childwas dead. The talons of ic. Obfervation from the Brit reafon, el Ìtefiraint oféxhorbitant 7'afsion, or Thirdly, For the negIett of Ducy to their children , when Parents are too fond and remits in their Education, and carelefs in their Duty : Therefore yob was fearful of this, left his Sons fhould fin againft God, and he was continually in prayer, that God would keep them inhis fear. Parents, if they would have a bleffing con- rinued on their poftericy, they fhould be careful of fan&ifying their Familien, by the worfhip of God, and by their walkieg with anupright Heart in the midfl of their Houle, by dealing Righteoufly with men in all their bufinefsi not to Ibis( to rear their pofterity by Wealth, but by grace, to leave the Heirs of the Bier- ring, rather then of much moneys I hat is the way to have comfort in children ano pofterity. Ye fee how few of thole that in this City; or other places that have got fach Wealth, thrive in many Generations; nay, it maybe not in the next Generation, but come Come to notorious Beggary in the fight of others, that othersmay be war- ned how they get Effaces by Unjuftiee and Unrighccoufs, to leave to their Fami- lies. There is the judgment of God going along with unrighteous gain, and a finful life, andfalletti upon pofierity, as faras-they-approve of, or walk in their Fa- thers ways. In the fecond plate it fhould teach children to rake heed of the Gnful courfes of their Parents, if they will not joyn with them in their punifhmenc ; nay, if theywill not have the increafe of their punifhment, take heed, I fay,take heedof going on in their fins. Remember the charge that theLord gave concerning Eabylon, Come out of her ifyou will not partake of her Plagues t If we will not partake of their plagues, take heed of partaking in thefins of your Parents. Here was David, piety, he calleth his fins to remembrance. So ought Parents inall croffes that befall their Families or Pofteriey; if any child be lickand weak,or if their se any crois in their Eftates,:orTrade, or fuccefs in theirbufinefs, whereby they fhould maintain their Families, to call theirown fins to remembrance, tolook over the reve- al commands of God, to fee what fins they areguilty of, that they have not yet re- ented of. Nowwe come to Davids carriage, when the child was dead. But now be is dead, wherefore fhould I Fafl: Can I bring bimback, again ? I pallgo to bim,but be (hall not return to me. Here you haveDavid, carriage, and the reafonswhy, hedid not Fatt. Firli, be caufe it was againft reafon, wherefore (hoard 1 Fafh ? In this exprcffton, he impli-' eth that he faw no reafon for ir, and that made him forbear it. Secondly, it is al., cogetherbootlefs and needlefs;, Can I bring him backagain? Thirdly, I (hallgo to him: I have fomewhat elfe ro do, then to trend nay time in unprofitable furrow, there . is a matter that concernethme more needy to think upon ; that is, concerning my own Death, to prepare for that. And laftly, the fall reafon is, He /hall note return to me. There are the reafonsof the alterationof his carriage upon the death of the child. Concerning forrow for the dead, ye mit+ underfíand. itof exceflìve Corrow. Here is not forbidden a due meafure of forrow, that is allowed ; but he fpeaks of forrow in the excefs. Why fhould I do this ? The reafons be giveth againft exceflìve forrow, are fiti ( I can but give you he Heads of things) becaufe it is a thing againft reafon. Hence I will note this to That one way to moderate our forrows, and to regulate themaright, is to bring them to the examination of reafonand judgment. When pailion foray, when they draot look to thecommands of reafon, to be fub- j:& and ordered according to chat, but ufurpa rule in the Soul above reafon, then there is nothitigbut confufion, and diftemper, and diforder, in a mans affe&ions and a&ions, and in hiswhole courfe. A man fhould therefore confider, what reafonthere is for every thing. Ube fortow forathing,what reafonhave Ifor it? If herejoyce0 in any thing, what reafon have I for it ? It is worth this forrow, or this joy ? I fay,. this'