Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

7 eß erant oféxhorbitant majion, or And'yet thiscomfort is added, though children be took away that they (hould not retutn an an earthly manner, yet they (hall in a better mariner. Parents are con- tented topart with their children for a time for their preferment. Children ( though they are very young) that are commended by the prayers of thegodly Parents into the hands of God ; thefe wholehearts God bath inlarged, and quickned fervently and faithfully to pray in the behalf of their children, they may reft in this affured, that they (hall meet at the Refurre&ion in a. better manner manner,' their children (hall be better preferred then if they were on Earth, and (hall be raifed up to per. fe &ion. Here you fee there is not a Tooth bred in a child without a great deal of pain,] end every Tooth coil fome pain, but this Mortal body fball put on Immortality, and ebis Corrarpnon (hallput enlncorruption; Thisweak body (hall be made (trong,weak children ftrong without pain. Death endeth there things, and the Refirre&íon (hall prefent him in a perfe& meafure of ftrength in a glorified eaate. So much for this Text, and for this time. THE