Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The Singho,fSin. dying, and than begin to reflc& backon his life, what, have I donee how have I lived ? fo much time I have (pent, or mifpene in apparel, in vanity, in eating, in drinking, in fwaggering ; What comfort is this to bis foul ? how can heanfwerthe before trod ? this is the very thing that will ffietg him at Each a day,, when he can cad nothing in hislife, but barrennefs,and unfruirtúlnefs, nothing chat hachhonóured '.Cod in all his life. Certainly, my brethren, if there beAn lyticutious, voluptuous life,, his life will provide a fling for Death. Alas you will fay, Isicfo, then wemay fear that Death will feize onus thns, for we confers, we have gene on in a voluptuous life, gone on in fin, that our confcience bath condemned us foi, how (hall we do to pull out thisfling ? 1 would to God you were thus affe&ted,thacyou were con yiÉted,what a fearful thifats it will be, if fin remain. But wouldeft chauhave thefling of deathpulled out Lo(011 death corr e? I. How 111311 I difarme it, that I may lóok death in the face with comfort / How to get i Ihall give y ou force waycs and means, remember them, and pia ilrfa them, the tlirg it Fat, gee but a part in Chrif}, and thefling' of depth is gone t thanksho to 6.4 Death pulicd { faith thu slpof le here ) that bathgiven us Maori, through oar Lord Jelets Cltrifi r. oa`' Get a Parr le is he that in the Revelation is laid to have tbekeyt of73e/l, and of death: they ai e Chrilt. under his command and fubj!&ion, he is vicelorious over them, he hash vanrjuithed {revs. r S. cheer, fo chat if a traan have Chrift, hehr.h vlilory and power over Hell and Death. I fold you in the beginning, that that which giveth a fling to Death, is the guilt of no : k is fo, and it is a fearful fling : Now that which takes awaythe guilt offin, is Chrift. If Chrift be mine, T have enough to anfwer the guilt of fin. Therefore the A Dille faith, Death cannel feparate from the love of god is Chrtfl ;" Whac (hall Rom, S. :hen ? Indeednothing, is is not the gunk of his fins, Chrilt hach Gthfied for' them. So that if thou wilt have the/tintal deathout, get faith in Chrift ; if thou be not hidden in theclefts ofrho Reclti,in the blood ofChrifl,if Chrif}be not thy Juflitca..l tion, and thy righceoufnefs, What haft thou toanfwer the Juflice of God ? yoù mull die, and 'land before God, and how can you Rand before God in vour fins? you cannot without Chrift, whir do you not then fludy more for Chrift ? Why do you notlabour for faith in him? It will be your wifdome to labour eamealy to make fure óf him, if you have him, 'thefling ofdeath is gore. Death cannot hurt a perfon that hachChrift. Get faith in Chrift therefore, that is the fide. Secondly, if you would not have Death terrible, and fearful to you : labour for s. Gettinccri. 1 ncericy. My bredrrcn,it is amarvellousching, audyet the truth, uprighcnefs, and ry ofheart. fincerity of heart, it is an enabling grace. All the particular things thatweaccount particular, ocherwife they have not an inabling verme in them. Some perfons have a great deal of learning and wir, and many friends, much riches, and the like ; yet there cometh an occafron fometimes that puzzlech all chefe, there cometh anoccafion îometimes, that a mans learning isof no ufe, and natural parts and wit cannot help, and riches cannot finable him. What time is that The time ofdeath, the heart of a man is put to it at loch a tim -, and now there fhrink, nothing can unable a than aeainl fear fó much, as finceriey and uprightnefs. When the Prophet Ifaiab, told ifa. Is. Hezekiah fromGod, that he mull die, heflieth to this, Lord remember how Ihave walkedbefore thee with an upright heart, and ¿orle that which rem good in thy fight. When Death cometh to a wicked voluptuous perfon, and Witch him, I am here come for thee, thou null appear before God, what can this man fay ? Lord I have Lived,before thee, a voluptuous, proud, wretched life, I was a feorner of thy Word, a contemner and perfecutor of thy people, a (wearer, &e. What though perhaps he) can fay, Lord I have heard fo many Sermt.ns, i h.ye been fo much in conference,andj ehelike, wild gtliljnablea managainfl the fear çfDcath? N', nothing but this, that he hath a 0n011 Nett, that his heart is unmixed, that fin isnoc affeéted in his foul ,1 that there it npin that he would live in, no dutylthat he would notdo, Lord remem- ber t boa wí1ó4 before thee uprightly; I fay, nothing will finable a man more a_', gainft fear than fineerity, an oohingdifgracech, perplext'th the foul inan exigen,,i more than hypocrite. le is fin rity that takes away the flingof Death. The Apoflle¡ in Rai, 14. faith he ; 21¿,a wan liveth to himfelf, bat ifhedivea beliveth-to the i Lord o