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rreatfeof the ffedivn.e. .41 (i't, .T tg, 5 .,ÿ; o .51T" Pa ti% The XIII. SERMON. Cor.os,3.2. Set your affections on things that are above , &c, It ierto I have fhewen how the affaionsmutt he fet upon God, and efpecially the zeale ot them. I have thew en the woful ef}ateot that íoul,that doth not fet itsaffe&ions this way, together with fundry ufesof the point, Now let me In the context periwade you with motives to this duty, namely, to fet are thefe nro- your affe3ionson God. The Apoftle in this place ufeth river to jet our five thongperíwafions hereto, as the words may alto be of ef1iotü On God. conftrued. z. Firít, bya ftrong obteftation, as a mother perfwades her childe, as ever Becaufe elferre thou art my childe no this for me. If ye then be rifen with Chrfl, feek.thofe deny our inte- things that are above. Ifye be rifen with Chrfl, fet your afteetions on things a- ref in Lhr;f}s refurreíüon., hove, q. asever ye be rifen with Chrift, do it, as he befeeches the Philip- pians, Ifthere be therefore any cenfolationinChrill, ifany comfort of loge, ;fang fellorofhtp of the Spirit, ifany bowel'sandmercies,fulfillye me joy, Phil, 2. I, 2, q.d. as ever ye acknow:edge any comfort in Chrift, as ever ye believe any com- munion of the Holy Ghoft, any merciesand bowels in God, fulfill this ex- hortation : this is a ftrong periwa(ion indeed ; for ifthis cannot prevaile with you, ye deny all the comforts of Chrift, ye denyall communion of the Spi- rit, ye deny all the mercies ofGod, and therefore it is f}rong ; as a mother courts it a f}rong intreaty toher childe, as ever thou arcmy childe, as ever thou takcftme to be thy mother, obeym;; in this for if her ch ilde will not yceld,hc muff needs deny the wombe that bare him, and the paps that gave him luck. Wilt thou deny the Lord Jefus ? wilt thou deny his refurreCtion, and all intereft in it ? ifthou wilt not deny ir, fet tlilec atfe&,tions on God, as ever thouart rifen with Chrif}, be fure for to do it. Wilt thou fet thine of e ions upon the things ofthis world, when Chrif} iutreats thee as ever thouart his, to fet thine aft &ionson him? 2. Secondly, TheApoftle hereperfwades by a f}rong argumentation ; for Besaufe we are yeare dead, layes he, verfe 3. Set your affecin!Is on things above, not on deed then things on theearth, for ye are dead, ye are dead to the things ofthis 1.fe; will ,rorld of ye fet your at- e ions ro thofe things ye are dead to ? ye are dead to the things of this life, if ye be Chrifis, and thereforenot let your affeaions on them ; mortal non mordent, aswe fay, dead menbite not one another with Ila;,ders and reproaches ; did ye ever fee a dead mangoup and down drin- king and bowzing, whoring and gamin,,, and carkiag and caring ? Ile as Toone believe that adead man can do this, as a true Chriftian, I confefhe that corruptionmay carry a good Chriftian intofin, but he is dead to thefe corerfes, he cannot fet his afte&ions hereon, he is dead ; and will ye bet your affe&ionsonthethjngs ofthis world, now ye are dead ? Bring a childe of God