Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.A1 F37 1657

the old e4dam. Zeale is it that ìnaketh an Angel to be an Angel, . iná ii fine zelonihilfrnr, (ayes Ambrofe, the Angels are nothing without zeale. jf thou hadlt zeale unto rod, then thou mighteft be like unto Angels, dlmbrof. Sixtly, Confider what infinite need thou halt of truez ale, Suppofe a great froft, and a tedious cold Winter were a coming, and then no firing were tobe had, would not Men buy as much fewcl as theycould et and haze great y g need of (tack it, and acre it, that they might have it at their need ? otherwife they KeLe. were not able to live, nor to drefie their own fuftenance, they would cer- tainly ftarve if they fhould have no firing in fuch a cold time. Beloved, I (peak tofuch as have cares tohear, ther's a cold time of Religion acoming, and the wrathof God is ready to breakforth, to plague mens foules with key-coldnefle this way, becaufe they have defpifed the zcale of the Lord, and no firing tobe had then, God knowes how loon the power of Gods Wordmay be taken froin us. You who love your òwn fouler, look about; lay up ionce firing, and benot flothful in all this buflneffe ; do all diligence to ftore upgrace for your felves, this will help you to zeale, not flothful in bu- fineffe,fervent infp:rir, Rons. i z t i. CiovriS, fo it is in the Original, zealous in spirit. Ifye will not be flothful iii bufinefl'e, ye (hall quickly be zealous in fpirit. O get quickly the fpirit of prayer, to be zealous in prayer by faith, it will be the belt tiring to your bow, it will be youronely thing left nothing left you but prayer in fecret unto God; had riot ye need to b.: diligent for that ? Whena poor cripple hath nothing tomilt to but onely his begging, he will ply that. Whenapoor day-labourer hath neverafoot ofground, nor any thing but only his fingers ends to maintainehimand his family, he will be fure to imploy them ; alas, if he thould have a wound in his hands, or he thould lofe theufe ofhis fingers, what thall he do ? when a mans houle leanes mainly upon onepillar, he Will loók to that pillar. Thus it is with thee. Thou thalt have littleelfe betidesprayer, thou muff get it out ofthy fingers ends. Nowwe that are GodsMinifters ftudy all theweeklong to quicken you here when you come toGodsHoule, while ye are thinkingof othermatters ; but ifGodfhould once take away usfrom you, all the work lies upon your backs, and yehave littleelfe befides Prayerand Gods Word for tohelp you. O therefore be not slothful in this bufineffe, get a Pure hold in Chrift, that ye may be able to, hold in the evil day. No matter thoughthe worlddoderide you ; for ifyehave true zeale,fayes Chryfoffome, ye will feare praife or difpraife no more than if you were ail alone in the World, and noman befides you. If noperfwafibns can prevaile with thee to ti,e trading for this zeale that I speak of, hearewhat the Lord Jefus doth peremptorily threatens It thall come topaffe that I will (pue theeout ofmy mouth.