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...- .. rreati,/e ofthe 1fefiion.c. 91 knowledge is eafie tohim that underfìandcth,rov,r4.6, The (corner (elks it, (ayes Solomon, and he cannot finde ir, the worldling Peeks it and he can- not finde it ; it is hard , fayes one, to knowhow to pray and be holy, it is hard (ayes another toknow how to repent and give over my firmes, and be ftri&, and I cannot do it. No ? ,that is, becaufe thineoffeEtionsare bent an- other way : butif thineaffections were let upon Heavcn,this knowledge were eafie. (tomeunto meye that labour,fayes theworld, I will make it eafie to travel], and carke, and care ; comeunto me, (ayes picafure, I will make it eafie tobe merry and to laugh t come unto me [ayes the flefh, I will make it eafie tobe revenged on him that doeswrong thee ; I will make it eafie to obtainthis and that. So faycs the Lord Jefus, (erne unto me ye that labour, and lwillgiveyou reft, myyoke is eafie,Matth,i 1.30. What ever thouaffe&eft come to it, and thou Ihalt finde it to be eafie. A manwould wonder how the labouring manwill fweat and worke till he is faint to get a little main- tenance, the reafon is this, he affeEls it, One would wonder what dangers Alexander did run through to enlargehis kingdome and his power, the rea- fon is this, he46.a-edit. One would wonder how Bawls priefts cut themfelves after their manner with knives,and with lancers, till the blood gufhed out uponthem, I Kings i 8.28.the reafon was this, they affectedwiU-worfhip. Any thing is eafie when aman does affect it : wouldeft thou perfwadea man to any hardthip under Heaven ? do but turnhis affe`tions unto it,and thouhaft prevailed : FleEtere eftvii oria,fays Auftin,dobut bend a mans affeCtions,and G.4.c. 12. de thou haft prevailed with him.Ofayft thou,I find it fo hard tobe zealous, fo doEl.chri¡t. bard tobe heavenly,fo hard to dependuponGod;what is the reafonof this? thine affections are earthly;if thine affedtioas were fet righr,it would be the cafieft of ten thoufand. My heart bath filch a haunt,and I find it to hard to break my (elfe of it; I amcholeèiclt,and I find it fò hard for tobridle it ; I am poor and ofdicteé,and 1 finde it fohard for to beare it alas,alas,it is the ea- fc ft thing in theworld, ifthine affections were to it. Wouldlt thou not be glad tocount it to be eafie toferve God, eafie to walke in all holineffc ? no fuch treafureas to live at cafe, as we fay. I know thou wouldeft be glad to finde it eafie to abandon thy corruptions,and pleafe God better than thon doeft: Olabour then to Pct thineaftectionson God, and all things are eafy. Should weperfwade thee topart with thy geegawes,thouart fo loatb,it is a hard task to perfwade thee,that is,becaufe thou wilt be proud Itil: thould we perfwade thee todifcard wickedcompanyout of thyhoufe, thou keepeff an Alehoufe, and thou art loath to thruft them forth of thy houfe, that is, be- caufe thouwouldeft fainhave their cuftom, thine affeCtions are that way, and rherefore it isnot catie to perfwade thee, but fet thine affeEtions aright, and everydifficulty is eaty. zi The fecond motive is taken from the jhameleffeneffeof theofetl;ons : if thou A man it not a beeft once deeply affected with any thing,thouwilt never he athamed of it : fhamedofwhat See a proud phantalltcaU fool that affecteth his long locks, and his love- he affeä!?. lock. Everyone that isfober-minded andfees him, is ready to fay, what Philo am. a humerons fool isyonder man, what a ruffian he is ? how like a Maftiffe P or a Bedlamdoes he look? yet the fool is not afhamed thereof, becaufe he affe&s it. See a light-headedwretch that isever afooling, and ever a jetting, and ever a toying, and playing, and this (port, and that (port. Every grave man that beholds him is apt for tofay, what a vainman is this? I never Paw filch a light-headed tot in my life ; yet the wretch is not afhamed thereof, becaufe heaffcits it. TheSwearer fwearsai d is not afhamed ; theworldling covets, and is not afhamed : the mocktr mocks and is not afhamed ; though every man in his wits that does view them, marvels at their madnefs, and how defpera tothey be, all cry fhame on them, yet they are not afhamed be- caufe they affect ir,Thou haft a whores forhead,theu refufeft tobe afhamed, Jer.3.3. N2 The