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(ATreatfe of the 1fed ions. The whore whofeaffections are set on her lovers, and her adulterers; can- not be ashamed, but she dares go on for all the (flame of the earth ; why ? because (he afletts them. Nerowas not ashamed of his villanies inthe op:31 market of some, re(pafaan was not ashamed of his (linking covetou(nefie byurine. If it be thus, Owhy doeft thou not fet thine affections on God, and onChriff and his lawes ? thou couldeft never beashamed hereof,if once thoudidt trulyaffect them,When `D,avids affections were ftirred to dance a- fore theArkof God,and put off his garment to do it the bctter,fic upon thee, fy upon thee, Pays Mcol,fie for fhame,what art thounot ashamed to make thy felt vile on this fashion ?1 wil be more vile yet,fays he,if thishe vilendhe, to rejoyce before God; if this be efleemed a vileneffe, I will be more vile yet : he could not be ashamed, becauïe his affedions were fet upon Gods Arke. Out youPuritan, youare a vilecompanion; tobe toprecife as you are :.you mutt be reproving and talking of the Scripture upon every occasion; out you hypocrite you, are you not ashamed to do thus ? No, , no, he is not ashamed, he can never be ashamed : If this be tobe a Puritan, tobe holy andsprit against fin, I will be more a Puritan yet ; If this be to be an hypocrite,to.be labouring to elraw others from their tufts, I will be _ a more hypocrite yet. If this be fìngularity, not to do as the men of this world doe, I will be more fingular yet ; I will (peakofGods testimonies and it were before K jugs ; and I will nor be ashamed, fat, i t 9, 46. Impudence, and not tobe ashamed, isa very great matter ; if it be in 1m, is is, defperate, it is a fign aman is deiperately affected towards fins ; but if it be ingood; it is admirable ; it isa holy kinde of impudence, it is a figna man is deeply affected towards good, foaffected that, nothing can make him ashamed. Never Al a man beafhamedof that whichhe affects; fie for sh me, will yoube richand take in (uch profits ? will you be in fuch credit ? fie, will you be a Lord anda Nobleman in fuchhonour ? will you be learned and gather fo muchknowledge ? 1F-ie.conceives they areall fools that fay fo ; thoughper- adventure they doe not affect_such things, yet he does, and therefore he will not be ashamedof them. So if thine affections be fet upon Chrifl, thou wilt never be afharried ofhis erotic, never ashamed of,his badge, neverafnamed of his Word.Thechildrenof theDevils are not ashamed of their abomina tions; they candrinke, andbe drunken, and vomit, and reek, and not be ashamed; theycan be prowd,andcarnall,aud have no more,religion in them than the flock,and not be ashamed. Agefilaus will not beashamed ofhis hal- ting,Ph:lotemenes will not be ashamed of his deformedneffe, when they hold it their credit tobe thus as they were. O therefore fit thine áf fit out on god, and thou (halt never be ashamedofhis wayes. What rht afire- The thirdmotive is taken from the hankeringneffe ofthe afféctions. Look (?ionsbe upen, what thou fetteft thine affe5lron. upon, that thou rat hanker after. If thou' set they will /an- thine affections on the thingsofthis life, thy heart will fohanker after theta, k.e.r after that. that they will haunt thee whatever thougoeft about ; theywill haunt thee at prayer time, and haunt thee atChurch time; theywill haunt thee in the Sabbath,and haunt theeat theSacrament; like the Hie in Albertus that was ever hankringafter t he bald head.: thoughhe flapt it offagaine andagain, yet frill it would be hankring, he could never be rid of it, it would Bill he á hankring. Whowould be thus troubled with his afieetious ? he cannot go by an Alehoufe, but-his affections water to go in ; he cannot fee a paire of Tables, but hisaffei ons hanker aftera game , he cannot m,:ec wiçh an inju- ry, but his affections itch to revenge ; he cannot [peak well nordo any thing which is commendable, but his aflecions mutt be fwelfiug with pride. Who, Ifay, would e Thus troubled with his affections ? Though God had forbid Lots wife to lookback uponpainof his heavydlfpleafure, nevertheless her-affections did fo hanker after her houfe, and her countrey, and her ancient