Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.A1 F37 1657

sA T'reatife ofthe f1ffeFions. Chrift will make thee fatisfa&ion. Haft thouhad loffes in thyeftate,anddif- graces in thy narne,or troubles in thy mind ? thou needeft not difquiet thy ielf,Chrift will make thee fatisfia&ion. He that complains is not content, as we fay,thouneedeft not complain,faying,O I have but a poor bode to dwcl ia,poor dyet to feed on,poorapparel toput on,poor friends to relyon:ifthine attentionsbe let upon God,look what they waut,Chrift will make it up, he will fatisfie thee, My people (hallbefatisfiedwithgoodnep, faith the Lord,jcr.3 i 14. Thouopenjt thy hand,andfattsfiefr the defareoof every Irving th;rag, Pfah 14j 16, Oye poor fouls,that have gone on in your d rink ings and carowfirtgs, and are never fatisfied,that have followed your pleafures, and your vanities, , and to this hour yeare not fatisfied,what mean you to lofe your felves in the things of this life ? what mean you to befooleyour own fouls as ye do ? Hear what theLord Jefus fayes to you, Ho, every one that thirtieth, come to the waters,and he that bath no mony,comeye, buy and eat ; yea,come buy waneandmilk, without mony,and without price ; wherefore do ye fpend monyfar that wh: ch is not bread ? andyour labour for that which fatisfrethnot ? hearken diligently, to me, fayes he, and eat ye that which isgood, and let yourfoul del ght it felfs in fatneffe, Ifa. 5 5. I, 2. Ho every one that thirfteth, come ye to the waters. What? when ye are a thirft will ye go to broken cifterns? they cannot hold water to fate fie you,heere be waters indeed, thatChrist does afford you ; whenye havemoray in your putfe to buy food, will ye buy that which is not bread ? i'toncs in {readof bread ? will ye fpendyour ftrength and your health, and your wits,and your paines, and your fouls too,upon the things cf this life ? alas,they can never fausfie you. It the fountains fhould run wine, the people. Ftoratíus would not be content, as the proverb is, Nemopoifortecontentus eft , fayes the Heathen. Had ye all the beerin thebarrels, all the bread at the Bakers, all thecorn upon the ground ,all the wealth and riches,andhonourinthe earth, they can never fatisfieyou,your fouls (hall die beggers for all thefe,and go to hell notwithftanding all thefe ; alas, yebuy themall at a dear rate ; do ye not know what they colt Ahab ? theycolt him himfelfe, he fold himfelf for them. Comeye hither,fayes Chrift,fet your affe&ions here, here ismercy for nothing,andgrace for nothing,and goodneffefor nothing,and theholy Spi- rit for nothing : can ycdefire it at aneafier price ? Though ye havenot one fingicgroat of anyworth,not one fingle farthing, or a bra(Iè token of any righteeufnefiè of your own ; yet come hither fayes Chrift, ye may make as good a market as thebeft : Come and buy without mony,here ye fhall have Boer& enough for to fatisfie you. Bene eft cu: Deus obtr lit, fayes Boethirts ; it is happy for you,can you but fee your own happinefs, that God gives yòu loch an of- fer as this. Here ye mayhave the pardon of your fins, will that fatisfieyou? here yemay have deliverance from hell and condemnation,wtllthat fausfie you ? here yemay havegrace againft your fins, and power to fubdue them; hereye may have the love of God, and the favourof Chrift, and the coin- munion of the Spirit,will that fatisfie you ? I will promife you,hcre is enough for to fatisfy you,be ye never founfatisfiable.Here ye may have every man- ner ofthing that is good ; comfort againft all troubles, lure promifesagainft all doubtings,ftrength againstall weaknefles,ftayes and propsunder all fitk- nefhes, afluranceof Heaven, anda Kingdome as foonas ever ye die, wewill warrant youye shall be fatisfied here. Old Simeon as foon as ever he had Luke 2. :S. Chrift in his armes, Lord let menow die,fayeshe, q. d. Lord now Ihaveenough -; I care for no more in the wholeworld now, Lordnow letteft thou thyfervant depart in peace :lamwell fatisfied now I have Chrift. O then let your affe- , Eitons upon God andhis Chrift, and this will then fatisfie you: your aff2- 3 &ions are infinite, and no thing can give them fatisfia&ion but Godthac From the cloy- it infinite. edneffe of the eaeffions. The thirdmotive is takenfrown the cloyednefe ofthe ajfeaions ; as the affe&iois are