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rreatife oftheAfeHions. 97 Were mainly let upon tliefethings ; when thefe are all gone, alas, where arc thou then ? thou art at a lode for ever and ever. As Zophar (ayesof the wick- ed,though he had theWorld at Will while he was living,yet iàyes he,he ¡hall perifh for ever likehis ownduug,theywhich have teen him, [hall fay, where is he? Job 20. 7. Before, he was at his plcafures, and hisprofits, andhis buff- neflès in the world, there hewas where his affe&ions did rua; but now when his pleafuresare all gone, his houfe, a.nd his land,, and his markets areall gone, alas, where is he ? He is now at a Joffe. Zophar knew well enough where he is when he dies,he is in hell to be damned and tormented for ever ; but he exprelfes it thus, to Phew that nowhe is at a lofíe, Set thine afieaions then upon grace and upon the feare of the Lord ; for though thoudyeft, this cannot die with thee. It was a good anfwer ofStipon,wheu heloft his cou-.h- try,and his children,and his wife, and his house, andDemetrios Paid to him, HownowStilpon,where art thou now ? art thou not at a lofe ? d'ñ w. F +Ire, at stilpon Plat. a to e ? fayes he,No no I havevertue ftil! nd ri hteoufneRè (till fo if thou ` Y > > g I Senec. in Ihouldei Joie meansand maintenance,friends, !byes, hopes, health and all, Epic}. thou couldit not be at a lofts : were thine afte&ions lei upon Citrift, thou wouldett have thy faith ftill,thy comfort ftill,thy peace ofconfcience Itill,af- furance of heaven Rill. Thine aflc&ions are everlafting, and therefore Let thine affections upon inch things as areeverlafting, otherwife thou Ihalt be at a Toile one day for ever and evert The fecond motive is taken from the ixfinitenefe of the af f El;ons ; thea$e- 2. etions arc iufinice,aad thereforenothing in this whose world isable co fa_is- nFnor?il the of -, fie them. He that lovethfilver Ihall never be fatisfied with filvr,nor he that uffeíüons. loveth abundance with increafe.Ecclef. 5.1 o.give him tens,he wouldbe glad with twenties ; give him them,he could afford to have hu.idreds ; give nim them,hecould dcfirethouCCnds ; when he bath thoufands, he is never the nearer,uothing fatisfies him. Give 4Lxander a world, he deliresanother. Takeme a filly man,give hima Curatefhip, he delires a Vicaridse ; give him that,he delires a Parfonage;give him that,hedefires two Benefices;give him that,he delires a Prebentiary,an Archdeacons ,and then a Bihoprick,' and if he were Pope ofR,ome, he were not yet fatisfied. Take a voluptuous man,give him pleafure today,he deliresmore tomorrow, fromCards to the, Tables,trom them toBowles,lrom them to Hunt;ngs,andHawk ngs,and foon, lie is never fatisfied till hedies ; áoprsá obi ra 7r,ean cis Tò Iry "p, fayes Eufr ties, EahPadN+°I7Ì the affecLious are infiniteeven as the fire : all the forrefts and all the woods, and all the fewel under heaven can never fatisfie the fire ; give it faggots, it couldburn logs ; give it logs, it could burn whole trees; give it trees,ir could burn whole houles ; give is thensiit could burn theinhabitants : Nay, Solon:. compares the afle&ions to the fire ofhell, and the mouth of the grave, that can never be fatisfied. Hell and deftruaion arenever fuli,fo theeyes of man arenever fatisfied, Prov. 27, 2o. Theeye is never fatisfiedwith feeing,the care is never fatisfiedwith bearing, (fill it defires further what newes ? Prov. 3 o.I 5. he comparesthem to theHorfeleach,give,give,fayes the Horfeleach, - it'sever fucking, more and more,and more; it's ever defirtng : theaffections are iufinite,there'snothing in this world can ever fatisfie them ; did ever any mealesmeat fo fatisfie the ftomack, that it should never hunger more ? d :d ever fuit of apparelfo fatisfie the back, that it (Mold never with to tie cloa- thed more? did ever rent fo fat'sfie the Landlord,that he fhouìd never delire another day tareceive more?The affections are iufiaite,nothing in theworld can ever fatisfiethem.What good reafon then is there to (et thine affections upon God ?God is infin te,and he canfatisfie them; He filleth the hungry with geod things, Luk.i.5 3. If the affections hunger after God,liewill fiathem,and fatisfie them. If thineaffecfinns be let upon God, thou fnaft have all latisfa- &ion:Hath a neighbour wronged thee? thouneedeft not leek after revenge; O .Chrilt