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3 A T R E A T I S E 0 F THE A F F E C T I O N S. The I. SERMON. COLDS. 3. 2. Set your affeEiions on things that are above, and not on things which are on the earth. He fubje.`t ofthe Text and this Treadle is the Áfß= Eiions, fhewing the right de and ordering of them; which is a thing of continual and great concern nient : for theywill never be idle, but (fill running out and bringing into the foul, either healing or hurtful obje&s,and fo Authors either of our weié of welfare : and certain figues either of our happi- ncílè, that we are rifen with Chrifk or mifery= that we are JIMdead. And concerning tilde theApo$ic Fief, Implies a difeafe anddi!temper : that they are disjoyti'd from Qöd, and that d fperate1, Secondly, Appliesa medicine, a way to cure them, tobring them back,and place thenupon their firffand right objea God, and things above. r: The firff he intimates to us in three things. Firll, by calling them inordinate aflètlions, and fuck as can never be fcc right, without they be mortified. Morti fieyour earthly tnerabers, Fornication, Vncleanneffe, Inordinate offelpiòn, &c. v. 5. He tearrnes them inordinate and They are the trmafterleflèade& ions, and hecommandsustömortifte-then. of the Secondly by Cuewing theyare ,buriedin.tkel-Lssgsof the world, and tne't1 heart. can be raifcd upagain, but onely by the powerof the rc[herc&iou'of Chris{. If1ebe rifen withCbrlff,feekthofe things that area4ove, veri ,q,d,Ye can never be,tble to make your ade&iotasfeekupwards,unleff yc be rifen widiChri(f. Thirdly, by fùppofing they are naturally (as 3vloanon faits .of a looks B wrath ) 3. rimy are for- 7ible motions of -he hears. --e