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r ` motions offinne., {ayes Saint Poul, R,om, 7. 5. that is, the a$édtionsOffanne, for foit is in the Original : ' tothat then area mans afte&ions fet. upon God, t when the heart hath itsout- goings to God, and therefore the Scriptures call the affe&ions thefeet ofto foule : for as the body goes with its feet to that which is loves, fo the foul goesout with its affe ions to that which it loves. I thought upon mywayes, and turnedmy feet unto thy Teftimonies, Pfal. 119. 59.that is, I turnedminc.affelions to thy. Teftimonres : 'looke to thy feet when thou comeft intò the houCe of the Lord. I have refrained my foot fromevery evil way, Pfar. i I 9. 10I. Their feet are fwift to flied blood, r$ Rom. 3. 15. TheSoul hathnoother way to come at that which it loves, but onely by its affections : can themuck-worme bring his bagges and his cof- fers tohis Soul ? can the.voluptuous manbring hisdoges, andhishounds, and hisbowles to his Soul ? No, though hisSoul loves tuch vanitiesas thefe, it cannot move to them butonely by its affe&ions, Currui fimilesfont &equis Yo pernicibusaffettus, fayes LaEtaniau . The afte&ions are the Souks honks, that drawher as it were inaCoach to the thing that fheaffe&s : aman is moved byhis afte&ions. ByAnger he movesout toRevenge : by Defrehe ah moves outto Obtain : byLovehe moves out to Enjoy : by Pity he moves iedout toRelieve : the affections are the motionsof theSoul. When theun- believing.Jewes had an attè&ionofenvyat Saint Paul,theText fàyes, They were moved withEnvy,e4trts 17.5. So theSoul ofthe godly is moved with af- feetion to God. This is the firft thing, the afIe&ionsarc. motions. Secondly, As the affeEtions are motions, fo they are the motions of the s Yilli I knowAri ftotle and molt ofour Divines too, do place theaffe&ions in ofthe fenitive part of the Soul, andnot in theWill, becaufe they are to be fan in the beafts. But this cannot be fo, for a mans afre&ions do moft ttirre at a fhameordifgrace ; which couldnot be, if the afte&ions were in the unreafonable fenfitive part : the unreafonable lenitive part of a man is not fenfible of credit or efteeme : call the deliires of the appetite greedy and gluttonifh ; the appetite is fencelefle of any difgrace, and therefore the af- teti`tionsmuff needsbe in theheart : the Scriptureplaces theaffeEtions in the Heart or the Will. Being affeEtionatelydeftrous f you, we were-m illing,. z-Thef. a. 8, Saint Paulcouples his affections andhis will together in one,. andhis affection that he had to theTheffalonians,. he feat- Obis will. Howcould the, JQ Treatife of the eilrons. wrath ) asheavy as a ftone; the affe&ions are fo naturally, as heavy as a (tone, which falls down to theearth, and cannot afcend, except it behea- vedúp : Setyour a4rettionson thins above, and not on things on the earth. q. d. Theynaturally faggedownwards on things chat are earthly, but lot them not do fo no heave them up, and fet them up upon things that are hea- venly, Ifye be rs fen with Chriff. Thefewordsare to be construed with all the exhortations Saint Paul does heregive. If ye be rifen with Chrift, feeke thole things that are above. Ifye be rifen with Chri ft, letyour affe&ions on things that are above. Ifyye be rifenwith Chrift mortifie your earthly members, and your inordinate affedti- ons, &c. q.d. ifye benot rifen withChrift,it is but a folly for me tobidde you do this, yecannot mortifie your affe&ions, nor raife up your affe&ions to God, ye cannot poll-161y do this, except ye be rifen with Chrift. The point then is this which I will handleby way ofcoherence. Anatural man cannot fet his affe&ions upon God, or upon things above: for our more intelligibleproceeding in thisDo&rine, as likewife in thewhole Treatife of the Affe&ions, which I defire to go through : let me tell you, Firit,What the affe lions be The at eEtzons are theforcible andfenfibk motions oftheheart, or thewih',.to a thing, or from a thing, according as it is apprehended to begoodor to be evil. There be four things to beconfidered herein. Fitt, The affetlions or motions. They are the motions of the heart. The