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4 rreatife ofthe 11 eFlionr. the heart for to fuffer ; yea,the affè Lions makehumours,blood,fpirits, mem- bers, even bones and all the body for to fuffer. Hence it is, when a man fers his affè&tions upon God, hisfeare, the fear of God makes him tremble ; his Love, the loveof God makes him to weepefor his fnnes; theShameof it that he fhould dilhonour his God, makes him to blufh before Chriff. Grmfe for his honesmany times dryes up hismoyJure ; andZeale for his glory confumeth hisflefh : fo was it with the Pfalinift, when hewas fullof affe&ions towards God; and law how men did dif-obey his Commandements, fee what fenlì.- ble motionswere inhim. Misc eyesgufh áut with rivers ofwaters becaufen¢eß keepe not thy Laws Pfal, A I g. i.3g, Ezra was fo off, dionatc for God, that knowing how thepeople tranfgreffed, it made the colour to come in his .1- ' and to blufh before heaven, Ez.r. 9.6. as Demetrius blutht for his father Philips offences; theOrator that pleaded King Philips defence, didnot do him fo much fervice, as the blushing of Demetrius his forme, This was the cffea of hisafte&ion to his Father, it fhewcd it fclfe in his blufhing for the offences of his Father : Thus theaffe&ions arc the fenfible motions of the Will. q. ,Fiftlyand laftly, they are (Lich fenfible motions as are according to the theyare fùch apprehenfon of good or evil, For when there is but finall apprehenfion of motions as are good or evil, the auctions arc weake, andmayhardly worke on the body according to the at all ; but when there is ag'eat a rehenfion of either, not onely the foul is apprehenfion of pl? good or evil. deeply aff`áted, but alto the body is mightily compatible. Nay, if the appre- heniionbe dcepe indeed, the aft:aims break out into raptures,as dancing and leaping oftheheart, which are the raptures of joy : ravifhmenrs and enamo rings, which arc the raptures of love ; meltings, and bleedings, and breakftigs of Spir it , which are theraprurt r of: reitc'; af}onithments,amazements, which arc the raptures of feare ; cornfutìon and the like, which are the rapturesof fhaine: the of trionsburft forth intofuch ra-ptures as thefe, when we.ap- Jndith i6.`y, prchenfionis deeps. Oloferner hiscyes were ravifht with the flippers of fu- Gen.37. deth,becau(ehe,was deeply in love with her : Jacori ihooken almoft dead at the fight of iisfonncs bloody coate,bccaufc he was deepely aff }ed there- at. The Roünan Senate were affrighted with the fight of the Carthagini- an green figges, that Cato did thewthem : filch raptures have the Saintsvery pften in therrpraycrs to God, being Iielpt with fighesandgroanes that cannot be tittered, Rom. 8.2G. becaufe they have a deeps apprehenfion of thecor- ruption chat is in them, Thus ye fee what the affett}ons be, they are for ::ibleandfenfiblempticnsofthe will, toa thing or from a thing, according as it is iFprehended to be evil,or to begood, n the next placelet me thew that a carnal man cannot fet there hisaf- fetións upon Ggd :or,tipoit'Grace, which may appeareby reafons, The affetlions ,Firft, 4ffe aesPunt alit anima, as the proverbegoes, -The .flffeE'tions are the ,;t are the wings w,illgs ofthe Soul. Ifthç birds wings be litne-twig'd and glued tothe gr-oúnd, ofthe foul. _thecantlotflyup now a carnal man his affections areglued and lam- twig'd to thethugs ofthe world, or the thingsof this .life : and .therefore it is tripoffible he Ihouldflie,kip:untoGod. I read in the life ofgoodAnfelme, mIking in the fieldslie.faw:a.lhephcrds boy that had.taken a bird, and tyed a (lone to her legge, and as the bird would be offering to mount, the flow Milledher.ddwn, thehad .fuch a.weight on -her legge, the could not flicup r th-tisgood Fatherfell aweepiug, to confider, that to it was with men, carnal men ',.çhough perhaps thcy,think to flic- up;unto God by many good.pur- poles) they atOtillillOnlq dòwn ;wiiti theirlinnes, their aff, :aions are clbg'd, fcctirity, deadneffe of heart, felf-love, ai`s l léue ofthe. things here below, like .milftoncs made fat} to theiriheeles,their affections cannot mount up to God. Hai} thou more affection to agame.then a Sermon ? more affection to fit drinking .in Ale-houses, then tobe reproved for thy limes ? more offeEtion to Reafops, Anfelmus.