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(4 if rreQt f ofthe "IeEtiàn:r. the Apofllccommandus to fet our affe&ionson God, and the things which are above, if the atic&ions were in the ferifitiveand unreafonable part ? can a man makehis material ftornack to hunger after God ? or the thirfl of his fenficive appetite to thirstafter Chrift ? alas! the fenfitivepart is not ca- pableof a commandorprecept. No, if the affe&ions were onely in the fen- titive andmaterial part of the foul, then how could they be in the Angels ? the goodAngels have affe&ions, all the effential parts of the aff&ions, and to have the bad. The good Angels, which things the Angels defire to looke into, I Pet. i. i z.The evil Angels or Devils, The Devils believe and tremble, Jam. 2. 79. I confeffe there be certain animal and analogical affè&ions that are in the fenfe : ther's gricfe for torment, and feare to toucha ferpent or a toad : delight inmoats that arc pleafant,and hatred of themthat are noy- tome. But the Lord doth not call for there fenfitive pail-ions to be feated upon him and on heaven, theyare feared aright as they ftand, foa mode- rationbe kept, they have no need ro change objeers : The affetions of the heart,thefe are the affe&ions the Lord doth callfor ; the out-goings of the heart, as the fenfe is afraid of a Lyon,fo is agodlyheart afraid to fin againf£ God ; as the fenfe is joyful to havecafe after trouble, fo a godlyheart isjoy- ful with a good confcience in Chrift i as the fenfe loves that which loth feed ir, foa godly heart loves God that doth nourish it : and therefore Áu- ften, and Galen, andScotus,and why fay I them ? the Scriptures fay, the of fe&ions are motions in the heart, ulfine eye effetteth my heart, faith the poor Church, Lam. 3. 5i . that is, when the beheld the lamentable diflreffes of the daughters of Sion , this ftirred up the affe&ion óf piety in her heart. Thirdly, as theaffe&ions arc the motions of the heart, fo they are ciao 3: forcible motions ofthe heart ; every little motion in the heart is not an affe- They sr! . for.-: &ion, but onely the forcible motions of the heart ; a man is then faid to fèt ciblemotkn 4 hisaffe&ions uponGod, when his heart goes with force unto God; for as the heart. God appoints every creaturehis taske, and to feeke out its own good, fo hegives it a force for todo it ; the (tone its nature is to fall downwards, and God gives it a weightineffe that it mayfall downwards with force: the flo- macke itsnature is to take food when it isempty, and God gives it a hunger, that it may take it with force : every creature hath not oriely its motion td move it to its own good,but it goes to it with force ; fo Godbath given at= fe&ions to the heart, as weight rothe fton °, and hunger to the flomacke; foGod (I fay) hath given affe&ions to the heart,that it may feeke out its good with a force : tò that then does a man fet his affe&ions upon Gotl1 when he letsall his forces toGod-ward. WhenDavid had given 847. Mil- lions, 3â2 thoufand Soopound in (liver and gold of his own charges, to thh building ofGods houle, forfo the learned may gather out of two Chapters _ in theChronicles, youmay well think he imployed all his forces thereto ; but what fayestheText, Ihave fet mine affeïuion to the houfe of God, T Chron. 29.3. Thus ye feewhen hefets his affe&ions to Gods houfe, he put to his forces : the a e&ions are theforcible motions of the heart ; when a childe of God prayedwith affe&ion, he prayeth with force; whenhe RandsforGod with aflè&ion, he ftands for him with force. Fourthly, as the affections are the motions, and the forcible motions of . the will,fo they are thefenfible motions too. For the will ftirres up the rote= they are the' riour facultiesofthe Soul, and they ¡titre up the humours and parts of the fenfblemations body, to make the greater refiftance to that which it difaffe&s, or the grea- °f theheart. ter embracementof that which it affe&s. This is one reafonwhy the affe&ionsare called paffìons, for they make the foul to fuffer,and the body to fuffer. The affe&ion of Joy makes the fpleene for to fuffer, and angermakes the gall for tofuffer, and fearemakes B 2 the