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coÁTreatif of the AfeEio'ns. theyare mafterlefle wild horfes, and hecannot fubdue them : they arcbed- lams and frintick miuicaders , and he cannot .overcome them : they are desperate things, his of e ionsare fo giddy and unruly, that he can never be Chrifls, as long as his aflè&ions are alive; unleffe theybe fet upon the tcutcrs> and and put upon the rack, anho ethapareChri,itslhave cru:never ed theright >Yirh therefore (ayesthe Apoftle, f 1 f fl Jh> theaf feEt1ons and lufts,Gal. 5. 4. Thole that are Chrifts, have done fo,or elfe they could never bcChrifts,becaufe theaffe&ions are perturbations 8cdiftur- bances, molt wofull perturbations they are. And this is a fourth reafonwhy a carnali man cannot fet hisaffe&ions upon God , .becaufc his affe&ions are perturbations, and like a company of wilde hot ies, thatwill not be ruled. c$1 . F.44. ,, Q . o The II, SERMON. Cotos.3. z, Set your af feCtions on things that are above , e-c. THus I have fhown you firft, what the affe&ions be : Sc- condly,how acarnali man cannot fet hisaffections upon God. But here it may be obje&ed : cannot a carnall marl have good aff &ions to God and tograce? The p:ople were fo aflec}edwith johns preaching, and with his Baptifnse , that they would have been angry and zealoufly affeaed againif that man, whoever hewas, that thould havePaid it was not ofGod; theywould have Honed filch anone todeath,Luk.e zo,6.Thepeople molt of themwerecarnall,yet theywere thus affe&ed with his preaching. Certainly,a carnal mans affections may be mar- gellouilywrought on. For the clearingof this doubt : Let me thew you nine ctegrees,whereii theafte&ions maybe wrought on : in five of them,acarnal man may have hisaffcctionstobewrought on, and in the laft fourof themhe cannot.Firft,I will name you thefenine degreesof theaffectionsof the heart. The firft is, when theyare foJane wrought on, that heartis enticedand al- r lured much by them. Thus the eloquent Min titers in Corinth it kerns , they Theheart is en- wrought upon thepeoples affe&ionsexceedingly,their words were fodraw- treed and aaa- ing,and their fpeechwas fo inticing, that theycame flockingto them. Saint red by them. Paul conteffes he wouldnot preach fo,with the enticing words of mess rvi(dome, >s Cor.2.4. (q.d.)what good fhould I do,ifmypreaching were filch ? Its true Imight allure you,and moveyou,and enticeyou,and airyour affe&ions; but alas , this would neverbring you to faith, and repentance with power : this might tickle your hearts peradventure a little,but nor fouidlycomfort you. The fecond is when the affe&ions arewrought on fo far , that theheart is fomewhat touched therewith, Asaman when his affe&ions are moved with a- ny,at adifgracefiull word,he faith,thistoncheth me indeed. WhenGod-tur- ned the affections of Ifract unto Saul, indeed'ome of them had no affe&ion to.Saul,How Jhallthrs man fave us?fay thcy,they defpifedhim in them hearts, but God turned the affe&ionsofthe reff upon Saul, for to follow him:' The Text fayes ofthem,7he Lord had touchedtheir hearts, z Sam.i o.z6. That is, he fettheir affeetion.s uponSau /,that theymightíollow Saulupand down. As when -i