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[reati(e_ of .the / edior. when the Needle is touched with the Loadfione,then it will turn it felf.pr-e- fently to theNorth;theiraffections were rouehed,and therefore they follow;- -- ed after Saul. So,manymcn,thcir affc±ions are touched at a Sermon; thug affections are not only allured, but receive a touchfrom the. Word there ï> f jmc vcrtue goes out of the Word, as fame went from Chrift to the Wo- man that had but a touch ofhis ga-r-ment; o theiraffcetionshave a couch from the Word,and fcnnevenue goes: to them, for the affcecions arc termed the touch of the heart. ,1t'sgoodfora mannot to touch a woman, i Cor. % .1 .That ìs, not to fit at amorous affe&ion ofthe heart upon a woma n.Thus far awick- edmansaffe&ionsmaybe to the Word,they maybe touchedby the Word. 3. Thethird is,whenthe affeaioas arc wrought on fo far , That the heart is f Th mew heart is fomewhat bowed thereby; this is another degree ofworking on the affeaìons, a to bowed by them. bow the affe&ions,as ycmay read; David bowed theheart ofallthemen ofJidda, evenas theheart ofone man, 2 Sam i 9.14. that is , by his Mind fpeeches , and friendly meffage he fent,he inclined andbowed their affections unto hire. So a wicked manmayhave his affecions bowed unto good,whcreas his affe i7 ons ftood fturdy before, or may be they were bowed another way before, now theybe bowed the contra rv;as wickedIoabsaffeaions were fo bowed to God -wards, and for the good of his Church, that he was wiling todye in his defence. Beofgoodcourage,fayes he,let us play the men our people andthe Cities ofour God,and the Lord 1.o what feemcthhimgood. z Sam. I 0.1 2, See how herowzesup his valour,andhisgeneausaffections to fight forhis God , his affectionswere fornewhat bowed unto God, and yet he was a wickedman. 4. The fourth is,theaffectionsmay be wrought on fo far,thàt the heart may be The bcart is flolne away with them : this youmay find in the ftoryof Abplert, whowita:%js away beauty and the ro erneffeofhis crfon, and the flattery ofhis lips, and his with them, Y P _p p courteous complement with thepeople ofthe land,he did fo win their affecti- ons,that the Text (ayes, Heflole thehearts ofthe menofI frael, 2 Sant.' 5.6, So grace is fo beautifull, and the Word of God bath filch kind promifes andkind fpccches with it; not complemental, as Abfalors, but Nall and tru- ly amiable, that it may itealc the°affections.of a carnali man, as the lfraelites ffole from theeJgyptians, and theyknew-notilow, fo grace may fteal thine affections and take them with its beauty , and yet thou be a wicked man for all that. As Paul with his preaching did fo (teal away .the affeaions and the. hearts of Galarhians, that for a need theywould have plttck,t ,out their eyes and given them to Paul, they were fo ftrongiy affected with him and the Gofpcl he taught them,Gal.4. z S..Neverthelefs S.PaulLays they therefoollh& carnal, s The fifth is, the affeaions may be wrought on fo tar, that the heart may The heart is in.. be hot and inflamedby them. .That this is another degree ofthe affe&ions, flamed by them. you may gatherfrom the avenger ofblood; whenany had unwittingly and un- willingly killed his brother, the Lord commands him to flit qutck¿ly to a icy ofrefuge, left the avenger ofbloodjhould loll him infury and anger. The words go thus, left the avengerof bloódpumjue r beflayer,while his heart is hot. Dent. z 6, 6. While his,heart is hot,that is, whilehe is in the heat ofhis paffran, while his anger and the affectionsof revengearehot : the affections may be railed fo high,that theymay fet the heart in a heat .upon a thing which .it affects. So acarnal manmay have his affections heated and inflamed towardsGod and towards grace. Saul had a great zeal to GodsChurch, 2 Sam.2 z .2, fehu was zealous for God,Comewith me,fayeshe,andfee my zealfor theLord, 2 Kiug.i o, 16. Zeal is the heat of all the affections, and therefore Iehu was heated in all hisaffections for God; his affections werehoc to root out Idolatcrs,hisaffecti- onswere hot tocutoffGods enemies,a.nd to reform abundanceof finful ahu- fes in the Kingdçxm:hc was zealous,his affections were heated cowards God, and yet 7ehu was no better then a carnal man for all that. Thus far may a Garnal mans affections be wrought on for grace ; and this is no argument that