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rreatàfe ofthe that he hath fet his affections upon God, as ihall afterwards appear. There- fore there be four further degrees which are only tobe found in the godly. . The fixth then is, the affections may be wrought on to far, that theheart 6; isqu to overturned from that it was before; I fay theaffections may be'wrought The heartis on fo far,that the heart may be turned upfidedown by them. So it was with r what it the godly; they were even overwhelmed in affections for Godwith the fear frombefare. ofthe Lord, and their hearts turnedupfidedownwith grieffor their fins. Be- hald0 Lord, for I am in diflreffe, my bowels are troubled,my heart is turned within me,for Ihavegrievoufly rebelled,Larn .1.20. Her foul was evenbattered with affections of repentance and humiliation ; her foul was diftreffedwith ter- rors; her bowels were troubled -and contracted with fears, and her heart was turned upfide down with forrowes, and all for her fins , for I have gri:evouf- ly rebelled, fayes the. Nowicked manunder Heaven had his affections ever fowrought on, that was not converted upon ir. As fob fayes of his birth , He lob io to, was curdled like Cheefe : to here in the fecond birth, her heart was curdled like Cheefe, &c. My heart is turned inme,fayes the. This is a higher working on the affections, then any carnalman bath. The feventh is,thc atle&ions may be wrought on fo far,that the heart be en- . gagedfor God.As a womans affe&ions towards a man may be fo deep,as that The heart is' the engages 'her heart unto that man , and retolves to have none other hut- cd gcd for band but him. So when the ate&ions are fo deep in love with.grace and with Chrift , that the heart is once engaged for Chrift, tobe a widow for ever,unlctle hewill be pleated to count her his Spoufe : the world (hail never have herheart more,the fiefh thall never have her heart more,nor devill,nor luft,nor any other tin (hall ever have her heart more, the is fo tar in love and affe&ion with Chrift, as her heart is engaged for Chrift, this is a godly foul. Who is this that engages his heart to approach untome?faith the Lord,Jer,3 0.2 i . If pleaftue come,faying, fet thine affectionon hie; no fayes the heart, mineaffc- &ions are engaged already; if her old lutts,and her old lovers, andher oldac- quaintance come, Paying, fet your affc&ions onus; no, fayes theheart, i am engaged for another , even for Chrift and his graces : this is a deep working on the affe&ions indeed, when they are engaged for Chrilt. The eighth is, theafteaions may be wrought on fo far , that the heart may R. beglued to a thing by them. Iamblicus the heathen bath a prettyphrafe to this The heart is purpofe: a wickedman hecalls him iAAAu.Éq- ü Toic 6mruttácuc, bound in and glued to a thing nailed in his affe&ions ;he is even nailed and glued to the things of the world, by them. his heart does even flick to them like pitch and Tarie to the Ship. So it is Davits Py- with a godlyfoul, his heart flicksfart unto Chrift , and theCommandments of Chrift. I haveflock:into thy teflimonies, layes David to Chrìtl, Pfal.ii 9,3 Howcame hisheart to flick toChrifts teftimonics? His holy affections were the glue, his affectionsclave to Gods law. Theninth is, the affe&ionsmay be wrought on fo far,that the heart may be 9, quiteg'iven up to the thing which it affetts,Solomon had fuckafteaions to wifdom The heart is that hegavehis heartfar to feekit.Ecc.r.i 3 .As weufe to fay,he hathmyheart, to quite iveneit- what can he have more ? all mine affe&ions are Pet on him , if he have my affetFs. hearr,and allSoa godly heart is to deeply affe&ed withChritl and his righ- teoufne(le,as that Chrift bath his very heart and all. He gives up all that he bathunto Chrift. It's true, no wicked man in the earth bath his affe&ions thus far wrought on; but it is marvellous to thinkhow far a mans affc&ions 7-7Je a}feffionr maybe wrought on for Chriff,and yet be a carnal man. It's proved already, may be thus he cannot let hisaffc&ions on Chrift , but he may raife up his affections a raifed. good way towards Chrift, and now I will prove it. ,. Firft,the iönicles and embers ofright reafon that God hath made natural(to By thefparbs hisheart,may regulate his affectionsto he chaff, and fober, andkind, and li- of right reafon regulate beral,and juft,audmorally humble,and patient,and ncrciful,8cc.and toob- C ferve the at