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(al Treatift ff the .21fedionr. delights to bebreaking. I do not meane part fiefh, and part fpirir, for fo the belt godly foules under Heaven have a contradictionof affections:they have íome affections ofthe fpirit, and force affections of the flefh, contradicting oneanother. 1 donot mean this. But a carnal man bath frith andoppofing acontradiction of affections, as that his carnal affections give the other the lye. He'saffected with forrow for his fins ,but he is not troubled for his ufury. He's affected withdefines to leavehis fìns,but no to leave his íìnful de- pendapces. As Efau,he was affected with weeping for his miffing of grace and thebleffìng, but not forhis pleafures & fenfual delight.Is nor thisa con tradi&ioa ofatte&ions? Hefoundnoplaceofrepentance,thon hhefought- it care- pte7xloiae f r6TOP. sayer fully with teures, Heh.1 z, 17. He was affected with weepingafter repentance, theText. but hecould find noplace to beftow it in.Therewas not elbowroom enough for repentance inhis heart. Hemade force room in force parc of his heart for repentance, but not inall. He found place for it in tomeof his affections, but not in all. He isaffected, but he is not affected univerfally. Hebath a contradiction of affections in his foul; fo that a canal mans affections, though they-be wrought on, they arc not wrought upon univerfally. It's true, a carnal mans affectionsmay beexceedingly wrought on,then I prayexamineyour felves ; Twoperlons I would have examine themfelves. Firft, them that thinktheir affectionsarefet upon God. For as for them We mull that are abfolutelycarnal, wholeaffections are buried in the things ofthe our felves, e- World, and have no affection at all unto graceor unto holineffe, I fpeak fpecially thofe, not to them, their ownconfciences condemn them to be rotten, and areas good as a thoufand examiners. I do not 1peake to them. If they will not hear their own confcienccs, much lefTe will they hear me. I fpeak to them that thinks their affections are let upon God. That thinke Secondly, them, that though their affections befet upon Chrift, yet they their affetiions think they arenot affected aright : formany Chriftian foules are rightly af- are let an God. felted, anddo not thinke fo. Examine your felves whether yebe rightly He that truly affeítsgrace, affells nothing fo much as grace. í/erfe 23. affè&edor no. Firft, he that is truly affe&ed with grace and with Chrift and his \Vord, Hegals fears no things fo much as he doesgrace. A carnal man may begreatly affcEted with grace, but there is fomething he affc&s more. He affects his vanities more, and his profitsmore, and his pleafures more, Herod it's true, he affe&ed John Baptifl, heknew he was a jufi' man, and hefeared him : he at- fe&ed his preaching,for he heardhim.gladly, he affected the practice ofhis Doctrine,for he did many things, he was affe&ed greatly with thefe good things, but there was fume things he was affected withmore. The daughter of Herodiasaffe&ed himmore. She pleated Herod, (ayes the text, Mary 6. 2,2. he was not onelyaffe&ed withher dancing, but affected to content. She pleatedHerod, John Baptift did not pleafe him, he had not content in his Miniftery. Nay, her dancing affe&ed him fo much, that he was wil- lingto part with halleof his Kingdom to gratifie her. whatfoever thou (hale asksofme, layes he, Iwill give it thee, to the one halfe of my Kingdom. This was more affection than ever he (hewed to lohn's Do&riue. He never Paid to Ioh4of his Do&rive, I'le part witha quarter of myKingdom, nayhe would not part withhis whorenor his Tufts for that. Nay he wouldrather fee lohn dead, as well as he affe&ed him, than miffs of his pleafures, or nor gratifiehis Lords, l'legive thee (ayes he tohisdamofell, I'le give thee one halfofmy Kingdom. Give me then, fayesfhe, John Baptifl's bead in a Char- ger. The foolifhKinghad not wit enough to fay,Iohn is dearer thanall my Kingdom.Nc,he,affected his teachingwell, hut he affected his paftimebet- ter.Examine thy foulby this marke;thou art affectedwith grace,but is there nothing thouart affected with more ? thou art glad to hear a Sermon, but may we not fee thee gladder at thy fports ? thou art glad to part with an hour