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`Zreatife of the 1`1eEfion.>ï. hour at Gods worfhip, but art thounot gladder topart with two at thypro-. fits ? achild ofGod isaffe&ed with grace moft : let credit Rie, let profit hie,' let carnali relations flic, let life, let living, letall that he hath Ile, rather than let a good duty ofgrace flie away : he is molt affe&ed with grace , there is nothing heaffe&s more or to much, Secondly, he that is affe&ed with grace and godliueffe aright,muft need 2. . have exprefJions ofgrace ; he cannot but thew it-; he canas eafilycarry fire iii Hemuff :reed his bofome and hide it, asconceal grace. Cana man be deeply afFeted with have exprepä_ forrows, and not thew it in his face? cana manbedeeply affected with paffl-- oils ofgrate. oils danger and of wrath,and not thew itin hiscóuntenance?hands,feet,lips, noftrils, eyes, forehead, yea, and all a mans gefture andj carriagewill thew what affectionsare inhim,AfeE :o taciturnnulleef}af ertio,Every pail;onhath P, over,; its proper diale&Concealedaffection is noaffè&ionat all,or but frnall andas good as nothing.So ifthoubeen affe ed withgrace, 'twill fhew it fell in thy fpeeches,in thine a&tons, in thywayes,'twill thew it fell in thy calling, 'twill thew it Pelfin thy company, 'twill (hew it felfat the table, 'twill thewit {elf in themarket ; thou cantt not be affected with grace, but thou wilt be an open profetlourofgrace,Can aman takeEre :n his bofome,andhis claathes not beburnt? Prov.6.27. If fire be in thy bofome, all that comenear thee,will feel the very Imell of it in thy clothes.The affections area fire.rhefire kindled,fayesDavid$ Pfal, 39. 3. that is, mine affections did kindle,he ftrove for collide them, but he could not; can younot be religious but youmutt thew it ? lays themocker of all goodnefle.No,its a fign thou haft noaffe&ion to holineffe,becaufe thou wilt notPhew it : thoucanft hear Goddifhonoured withoathes, and not thew thine affe&ion againfl them : thou cantt come incompany and fuffer unpro- fitable language, and not thew thine affe&ions to holy difcourfe,a fign thou haft noaffe&ions that way; thou mayft fay thou artaffectedwith grace, but how doth it appear? It r ppears not in thyprayers;little or no affection in them; it appears not in the Sabbath , little or no affe&ion to the fantityingofir. Like the ftupid fiol in theComedy,whobcingwilling tobe thought to be an- gry, heknew not how to [hew ir, but onlyby faying,frafcor,rarrdangry ,fayes he; onewould think if he were angry, heneeded not fayhe was angry, the affe&ionofangerwouldhave exprefled it felf, but he had no otherreafons to be thought tobe angry,but onelyhisfaying,I am angry. Sothou haft no other expreilions ofaffe&ion at the word, or at grace, but only thou fayeft, I amaffected therewith. Concealed affe&ion is no affe&ion; Denonappa- rent :bus & non exifient:buseademeft ratio, it's a good rule in Law. `There is the fame reafon for things which appear nor, that is for things which exift not. Certainly here it ismolt true , I may be confident to fay , ifthine áffe&ions appear not, thine affe&ions are not, Thirdly,he that is affe&edwith grace or with holinefs, ifhe beneverfo little 3, interrupted, he is troubled, it's like the flopping of a water-courte , the waterHe is troubled fwellsand is troubled exceedingly, that it cannot palie ; like theWoman in with any inter.; the Gofpel,whofeaffe&ions were toChrift to anoint hishead,whenhis Difci- ruptisn. pies had can in a rub inher way, that it had been better bellowed on the poor; why troubleye the woman? fayes Chri{t,Mae.26.1o. Chrift knewit trou- bled her affeEtions;to be hindred from their courte : he that is trulyaffe&ed withChrift or his Spirit,(ifhe light not on Chrift the fooner)he is even fick oflove. IchargeyouOyedaughters ofJerufalem; i fye find myBeloved,that ye tell him, I amf:ck,oflove, Cant.5, 8. her poorfoul was even tick at heart for her Love,becaufe the couldnot come at him : examine thy felfin this point. I am fute thouhaft been long enough without Chrift,thouart 2o.or 3O. yearsold, and all this while thouhaft been without Chrift;thoufáyeft thouart affe&ed with Chrift, O thouwouldft fainhave Chrift, thouwouldittain have him liveinthee ever; an(wcr me now,art thou tickof love fora Chrift ? Hope de- IJ ferrad