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rreatife ofthe4ffeElionfa s4O4%6°4V0 L The I V. S E.R 11á ©Ne CoLos.3. 2, Setyour apt-lions on things that are above , 6-'i.. therto it fufficcs to have [ken of the coherenceof the i words, wherein ye have heard. Firft, what thefe affcaions be. Secondly, thata wicked man cannotYet hisaffeaions on God. Thirdly,.how far fortha wicked manmay have good atfe ious,and how they differ from thegodli's. Fourthly,how they may examine themfelves, and fiiìdthactheir affe&i- ons arc not fet right. Fifthtly, eight feverall arguments tocoìvinee them, what a wofull condi- tion they are in, till their affections are fer upon.God. Now for the words , they contain a fpeciáll duty , that a Chriftian is It is a6brifîi- bound to , namely to fct his affaions upon God. The Apoftleprefics it ar ey to et ftrongly. upon God. Firft, becaufe iY'san infalliblemarkof our being, or not being` in Chrift If ye u ea /on berifen with Chrift, &c. fet your affe&ions on things above. As ifhe lhould Becáeif s àn fay; Ye fayye are rifen with Chrift, come thenanddemonftrate it now that - refillable argu- ye are rifen withChrift. If ye be rifen withChrift, this will infallibly follow. meet ofour be- Yewill let youraflé&ions above; it cannot beótherwife. Ifyour affaions be ing, or not be; not let above, doubticfie ye are not denwith Chrift. Thofe that are Cbrifts, ing in Chraffé fayes S. Paul,have crucified theflefh,with the ofeEions and lofts,Gel, 5.24. He takes it for granted,thac it they be Chrifts, they havecrucified the flefh andk the affé&ions to theWorld-ward, and let them-upon-God. Secondly, he preffes it as a matter o f reafonable equity ; the competition Rea(; 2; ftands but between two, Either things in Heaven, or things on Earth. Oneof Becaufe iris á themyemuft let your affections upon ye cannot let your affections upon matter of tea ` both; if ye fet your affections anywhere, ye mutt needs letthereupon.one of finableequity, there two. Mark the competition. Set your affe6ions on things that are a- bove, not on thethings on the Earth : now there's aneceffityof reafon, that Election ihouldbemade of the beft, that we lhould fet our afte&ions on the better of the twain:to wit,the things that are inHeaven,which are infinitely better then the things here on Earth. Set your affections on thingsthat are above,and not on the things onEarth. So that hence ye may fee the necefli- Tea ofnecepityi upon GodlThe fttrengthrof tl is fet eceffity will theobee tter appear, if we confider four things. Firft, that God es theprincipal objets ofour af feîl':ons : as the eye is made to he * r fet upon colours , and the ear is made tobe fet upon founds, and the fmelt Becaufe Grad is is made to be fet upon odours ; fo the of eitions are made to be prints- the pr of, principal! pally fet upon God. The affectionsarc fo naturally due unto God , that if it ob etl be not God the foules affections arc fet on, it makes it a God or an Idol. And therefore.