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therefore theApoftle bids usmortifie our inordinate a)Teaions, evill concupifcence, and covetoufneffe, which is Idolatry. Colof.3. 5. when our affections are fet upon gaines, and uponprofits, and the thingsof this life, the Apoftlecalls this co- vetoufnefle, and this covetoufneffe he fayes it's idolatry ; becaufe the foule makes Gold a god, andSilvera god, and Profitagod, by fetting it's affecti- ons thereupon. As the eye doeseither feecolours,orelfe it fees a thingunder the likenefleofacolour : ,colour is the principali object of the fight , and therefore ifit be not a colour which it fees, (as theeye may fee light, as the light of the fire,the light of theSun, but it fees it under the likenefs ofrednefs, or whiteneffe, or forne other colour) it appears by a colour, or elfe it cannot feeit. So beloved, it is either.God otar Affections areon , or we idolize it asa God. Indeed wemayaffect other things as mediums?and in reference toGod; but look where We fet ouraffections, that isour God. Only,fear the Lord,and rve him with allyour heart, t Sam. i 2.24. Wemutt fet our affection of fear onlyupon God. Theaffeetions are the foules attendants. DStI not aferprir wait only upon his:own Matter ? whom he gives his attendande unto, Nix,. * he maketh his Mailer , andwhom Ihould the foule wait on1ut only_ .tbpón God ? the affeaions are the forties attendances; upon whortif ever fhOte- ftowes them, the waites upon it as true God.. My foule fayes turd, my :¿risk wait then only upon God, Pfal. 62. 5. Give' thine attendance44 ,none.bittto him. Thine afteetions of love , andof joy, and ofhope and defire , thefe mutt wait uponGod for to warfhip him. Thine affeetions of fear and of Care, thefe muff wait upon God to provide what ever may pleafe him. Thine affeftioíns'öfhatred , And ofgrief, and forrow , and thelike , theft muff wait as a guard to keepoff what ever mayoffendhim ; thine affe Li- ons are principally for God_: this is the fiat ground,the affeetionswere made for God. z; Secondly, as the affections were principally made foi this purpofe , t be teething but fet uponGod, fo,nothing but God baththat which theaf etticns loopfor, IC isGod Godhart tka. which the affections look for, and wherecan the affections find it but onlyin which the affe- i there isnonegoodbut one that is God Matth t r 7, y ¿lions lookfor, > > 9. The young roan becaufe nothing would have thought hefought for good in a right place, when he foúght for is good but God. it inChrift. But as Chryfoftome obfcrvés, os äresw,r9, 4 ix , when he looksup- Cnryfoff `on Chrift as a meerman, Chrift tells him he was miftakett in calling him good,there is none good but one, that is God. Chrift himfèlf, as near ashé was unto good, as he came nearer to it then anyCreature , in Heaven or in * Earth, yet if hehadbeen a Creature,and menhad fet their affeetions onhim, as their good,beingaCreature they had fet theiraffectionsamífhe : whycal- left thoume good ? fayes he ; fo much more does every Creature anfwer. Thou thinkeft riches,honours and pleafuresaregood,Why call yemegood? may theyall fay, there's none good but one , that is God. i% L4a man feek for the Sun inapale ofwater ? Indeed if theSunThine on thewater there mayyou' te-e it. But if the Sun do not looko ti it, you may look over all thewaters irr the world, and never find the Sunin them all. So will you fet youraffections on the things of theworld ? it is good, your affections look for , can ye find any good in thefe things ? alas,alas thou mayeft have all the things of this world, yet if God do not thew thee his face, and his grace in the fame, fFul- insad"cribrurn, thou runneft to them , as a foole to a five. The five feems to hold a great deal ofwater, but by pulling the five from the water , the fool loft all thewater. So riches,andwealth, and pleafures , as long as thou haft them ingracc,and inGod,theyare likefives in the water,full ofwater as long as lìey are in. So thefe are full ofgood, as long as they are in God and is grace; But if thoudoff not fet thine affections upon God, thineaffections are befooled, and therefore thoumuff fet thine affections uponGod, becaufe no- , Nanghut Godbath thatwhich thine affections look for. It is good which the affections