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-----__- . ..r,..._..__ . ìfÍ e`tans.- iEfe wings ofloffes andother occurrences,and though thoucouldefl clipall thefe wines with thy w fdome, yet the wing ofdeath and mortality will carry Acre all away in a moment,and then whole (hall they be ? thy pleafures then whole (hall theybe ? thygains and thy comings in whole {hall theybe? lure it is, they {hall benone of thine, and therefore let thine aflé&ions elfe- where, thou malt let them upon God. 3. They are not thy good, becaufe they will not rake thyparr.Will anyman Besaufe they fet his affe&ions on him that will not take his part?howcan I affe&him that will not take will not affeame ?if heel leave me in the lurch,I can never affect him as my tby part. friend. Alas, all,the things of this life will leave thee in the lurch,thou mayeft perifh andbe damned for all them. They'lnever deliver thee from the.hand ofHell ; when thou comeít before the tribunall of Chrift,doeft thou think it will profit thee to fay, Lord I have hunted and hawked, and gamed and fported, and I have been merry ; will it benefit thee to fay,Lord I have bull- * ded and purchafed, and increafed my livingsand my rents, I have a good houle, and a good farme, and good friends, will this advantage thee ? no, Miferabie comfortersare theyall ; canft thou fay, Lord I have built up thy Church and thyworfhip I have purchafed zeal and liolinefle,and purenefle, and glory to thy name, I have been perfecuted and hated of all men for thy name fake,and I am in Chriff, &c. If thou canit lay thus, this would e t ry good indeed ; but it ttiou canfl not fay thus though thou beeft j`uven. Sea3 Galling pins albæ thoumayeft perifh with the devils and turfedfiends for e- vcrmore forall thebleffings ofthis life. Set thine affe&ions thenupon God : truly God is good to lfrael, (ayes the Pfalm; f,Pf.7 3 .1. He is good,andhe truly is good ; thou canif not fay foofall the things under Heaven ; thou canft not fay truly riches aregood tome.Pleafure truly is good to me,peace and plen- ty and liberty truly is good to me ; they aregood, but they'le never be good to thee; when thouhaftmoft needof good, then theÿle leave thee in the lurch, tilde doe thee nogood then. This is the third, as nothing but God is good, fo nothing is thy good, but God. Nothi . can Fourthly, asnothing is thy good but God, fo nothing tan rent thine affe- reJt the louts donsbut God. When thou affeeteftany thing, wherefore doeft thouaffea but onely God. it, but onely to reft contented therewith, when thouhaft it ? and therefore thou mutt Let thine affe6i:ionsupon God, becaufenothing can re f thy foule, bur onely thy God, reft in the Lord, Pfal. 37. 7. Returns unto thy ref, O my foule, Pfal, I I6.7, God is the reft of the foule ; if the foule everget him, it refteth * content,the affectionsare in amaze,iftheybe not fet upon Godlike a man in aquagmire,he finksdeeper anddeeper, Soa man finks deeper and deeper in defiresand inwi{hes, that hathnot his aff:aions upon God;there is nothing cangive the foul reft,if the foul reft not in God. Wit meat in a dreamand drink ina dream give fatisfatlion to our hunger,and our thihft?So areall the good things in this world,Ifa.29,8.Go to all the wicked men in the Earth,lct themdefire& have their defires, ftil they defire and further they defire, and yet they defireafter millionsof defires,their affe6tions are as farce for to feek for refs, as if never theyhad fought.All the things in theworld are like fore Ale-hotiè-beer, which will never quench thepooreTravellers thirlt,like the eating g offalt nears- tongues ; the more they doe eat, the more they are a thirft : hungry meat, He thatdefireth filver, (hall never befatisfied with flyer, he that affects pleafure and vanitie, Ihall never tiee contented nor fatisfyed therewith,give himones, he affects tens ; give him tens, he affects hundreds: givehim hundreds, heoffe&s thoufands ; give him them, heaffeaeth milli- :< oils; thou canft never get reft, till thine aftebtions are pitcht upon God. Raoplus funs pote plau f tiuntur aqua ,It's God only that refeth the af feWtions, Now if thefebe fo,is it not our belt way tofet our affectionson God, where wemay have refs for our fouls? nothing befides can give us any refl. Firff