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jreatJê ò f thr? Aedioyif. affections look for,and thine affe&ions can finde it nowhere but in Cod; Thirdly, as nothing but God bath that which the of eaions looke for, 3. nothing is good but hc, fo nothing is mygoodbut oriely he, for it it begood, and Becaufe nothing At not my good, this difcontents mineaffe&ions; mine affe&ions look atmy onlyGod. but good, I know compafon, and mercy, and love may look at the good of another ;but then theyconfider force kinde ofproprietyin that other,either as mybrotheror friend; or myneighbour,ftillthe affe&ions have an eyeun- to mygood, thine affections to thy good. Nownothing, in the worldcan fo truly be Paid thy good, as thy God. Other goods are called this Worlds goods,' John 3.17. They are thegoodsof this world father than thygoods : But God is thygoodneffe ; Thouart mygoodneffe, OLord, faÿes the Pfalmift, 4,11.144.2. Thou canffüotfay of thy pleafures, this is my goodneffe, nor 41 of wealth, this ismy goodneffe ; nor of any thing in the world, this is my goodneffe : thegood that is in ir,is the goodneffe of the thing, not thygood - neffe ; if I should fay,this is thygoodneffe, it's ail one as if I fhould fay, thou haft no goodneffe, for that's none of thine, but only by po%tion, it is not thy goodneffe, And therefore how cantt thou fet thine affe&ioius upon it? Firft, it is onely the goodofthy body, it is not thy good. Anima hominis eft y, homo, Cayes Plato. The foule is the man, rather than the body. If the things of Thegodofthe this life be thegoods of thebody, then how canif thou fet thine affe&ions Creaturenor upon them ? Thine affe&ions are the affe&ions(Achy foule. Meat is good. thyfe burbhe let thybody hunger after it,and thou finneftnot : drink is good ; let thy body goodof the bo- thirft after it,thouetreft not;but wilt thou fet thine affe&ions upon it ? when dy. it isnot thygood, butonly the good of thy body,lt is not thy good:means 84 maintenance is the goodof thybody,houfe, and lands,and livings, thefeare the goodoftliybody,let the defires of thybodybe to them,thisiswel yet;buc if thedefires of thy foul be thereto,if thoufet thine affe&ionsupon them,thou art a beaft,becauie taey are not thy good. As TheopTylaa well obfervs upon the rich man in the Golpel;Soul,èhouhall muchgoods layd tap for many yeares, Luke X 2,1 9.Take thinecafe ,ear, drink and bemerry, (ayeshe ; fee thebafe- ne(feof this tools affe&ions,fayes Ibeophylalt: to eat, todrink, and ro be mer- ry ;thefe were thegoods of his unreafonablc part;to rejoyce in Gods law`; tö rejoyce in holy thoughts and meditations, thefe are thegóods ofthe foul, of the reafonable foul of aman.Now the foole he had none of thefe goodslayd up;and yet he fays,foul thou haft muchgood laid upfor many years,whereas that very night he dyed and was damned for cver,the thingsof this life then arenot thygood,and therefore thou mutt not fet thineaffections upon them: 2. It is not thygood, becaufeit is not as longas thouart. Thoumutt livefor si ever in Heaven or inHel.Now all the goods of this life,they laft but this life, Becaufe not J. when thou dyeft,,thoumuff leave them to others, and therefore theyare net long as thou thy goods,were they thygoods thoumighteft carry them away with theé;art. when thoudieft;but this cannot be.Canft thoucarry thybarns and thy hóu- fes,toHeaven or to hel with thee?canft thou carry thy Dogs and thyhounds, and thypleafures, and thypreferments to another world with thee ? No, no, and why then doeft thou fet thine affections upon them, when they are not thy goods for to carry with thee where everthougoeft ?, if thouwouldit fet thine affection, upon grace anduponGod, thou fhouldit fet thine áffe&ions upon thy goods; thefe are thygoodsas longas thou liveft,and thefearé"thy goods when thou dyeft, and thefe thou mayeft carrywith thee whitherfoe- ver thougoeft. Wilt thoufet thine eyes upon that which is not ? Cayes Sotomon ; for riches certainly make themfelves wings,they flyawayas an Eagle,Pro23. S, wilt thoufet thine affe&ions upon that which is not?wealth is not, and plea- lure is not,andall the thingsofthis world arenot,theymake theinfelveiwings, nowinay be they are a bird inthe hand, but by and by they are gone, there's a wingofprodigaiity,a wingof change,andmithaps,andofcafualcies E wings