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Treati[ ofthe AleEhonE. Melling is it felfe without Chrift, or without God. He hath all the good- netle that is in it. TheHeathens have a pretty phrafe, whereby they tet out a happy man, Vndecu.que Deus,When God is every way about him;about him in hismanes and hisriches, about him in his houleand in his goods, about him in his friends and acquaintance, about him in his pleafure and mirth : he is not happy unleffe God be in every thing that isabout him; they arebut Ric carkaffesofgood,ifGod be not inthem.Thus ye feewe inuit let our affe- &ions onGod. It is ableging Here then we are vaught,1hat it is a blefngofGod that wehave affecions im- ofGod that me planted in our hearts. For how could theybe fet upon God,if itwere not a have afetlions. blcfang that we have them?There isa maincontroverfie between thePhilo. fopuers, the Stoicks,and the Peripatetiqucs, concerning the affe&ions : the ApudCic Tj St icks do ftifly mantain,that St is an evill to have any affe&ions at all : and eul.q. therefore Zeno defines the affeaions tobe unnatural) ftirrings of the heart,a The affeílions vésfe from right reafen,which is Salfe,for this is the definitionofaffe&ions as are n t in they are corrupt,aadnot asthey areaffetions:the atfe&ions in thernfelves themjelves fin' are not finfull. fox Firft,becaufe Adam andEve hadaf fetbions in *#eocency.1fthe affe&ions were '. 8eeaufe A- all finfull in themlelves, Adam and Eve in their innocency could not have dam and Eve had them,for the were created without fin : but they were created with af- bad affetlions Y in innocency fe&ions, as love,and joy,and delighr,and hope,andfear aril the like. Before Eve ever finned,we fee plainly the was afraid to eat of the forbidnen truir; in- deed when the Devill had ripened his tempration,then the went featiefly on for toeat it ;but when theDevill aflaultedher at the firft,O layes fhe,vve may sot eat of it left we die,Gen. 3.3.Lo the was afraid for to eat it at first. I confeffe before thefall, may be theynad not all the affeaions in a&, becaufe there were no obje&s for all the affeaions to worke on;they had nothing to grieve ior,nothing tobe angryat,nothing to defpairol;but for my part I think they haddiftin& obje&s to workon, though not in themfelves,for they had not finned as yet,yet they haddiftina objects in the w3rld tor all their affecti ons to work on, for thould they not grieve to fee Goddithonoured by the fall ofthe Angels?fhould they not hate and abhor backflidingfromGod ?though therewere none in themfelves,iievertheleffe the afeftionsoffear and hatred were given them tokeepaway fin andapoftacy fromGod.Now if theaffec- tionswere inAdam in innocency,they could not be finfull in themfelves. s. Becaufe Chrift tookour affethons open him. If theaffections were finfull Becaufe thrift themfclves,he couldnot takeour affections upon him; for he was made like tookour aged:- unto us,finonly excepted:& therefore if the af}c&ions were fins,he could not ens upon him. have taken our affe&ions;but hedidtake them,as the Gofpel dothabundant- ly thew.Hehad our af£eetionofjoy,Jefusrejoyfed inSpirit,and faid,lthank-thee OFather.&c,Luke 2o.23.He had ouraffeaion offorrow,My foule is exceeding farrowfull unto deatb,Matth.26.38.ße had our affeaion ofanger : He looked round about on themwith anger, being grievedat their hardnefs of heart, Mar 3.5. He had ouraffectionofdefire,with defire 1 havedefired to eat this Pafsover withyou before I Cuffer,Lu.22.1 5.And foof the reft.IfChrift took our affe&ions uponhim,our affections arenot finfiil in themfelvs.Nay,hedid not only as the Sonofman take our primitiveaffections,as we are men, but he was BenEnofh,he wasthe ion offraileman,Pfat.%5.And he took our mife- rabiles ajfeaiones,onr affections of infirmityuponhim;I do not mean the atfe- ctions offinfull infirmity,for heknew no fin:t)ut I mean the affections of our frailty and infirmity, asfear, and fellow-teeling,and the like. We have nota High. Prieft which cannot be touched with the feelingofour infirmities,but was inall points tempted like as wearc,yet without fir_,Heb,4.I 5.Thisthen is anundeniable argurnent,that.the affections are not finfull in theinfelves, becaufe Chrifk did affume them. Thirdly,:.